Way Yes

Dec 15, 2010 at 6:00 am

You know how you grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons, bowl of hippie-friendly Cheerios (or awesome junk like Fruity Pebbles) in hand? Way Yes’ six-song EP is that ritual put to sound — playful vocals about crystal skull spoons and Indiana Jones with nods to the off-kilter relationship. “Cinnamon” is, on first listen, throwaway kindergarten rock, but beneath its goofy exterior is the sadness of the protagonist’s yearning for seclusion. “Johanna” and the chorus of woahs that introduce “Color Blind” ape some of the romantic characteristics found on Paul Simon’s Graceland.

At certain points, the album’s humorous bent wears thin (“A Little Ice Cream”), but Way Yes is nonetheless endearing, a reminder of when you were a kid and the trajectory of life was a less pressing concern.