b-sides: American Lesions

Jun 8, 2016 at 11:23 am
b-sides: American Lesions

Dave Bird, who started out fronting the criminally-overlooked southern-fried indie group Hedge, went on to perform with dozens of projects, including stints with bands that featured Will Oldham and Sean Garrison, The Healthy and Happiness Family Gospel Band and The Rebaba Group, among others.

In some ways, his current band, American Lesions, is a full circle. The band started out as a tribute to one of his previous projects, the punk/hardcore act Out.

“From the first practice, I never even felt like I had to tell them anything,” Bird said. “It was like [the band] had never stopped. It was so much fun and so effortless that when it was over we just decided we should just keep doing this.”

The thing about Bird is, that while some may take an invite to join their own tribute band as an ego stroke, he has an easy grace and humility about it. Bird just wants to make music as often as possible and however that appears, so long as it’s with friends.

“I just like to create a really cohesive relationship, like, a we’re in it together, family kind of vibe,” he continued. “Just be a good band mate. That makes you have a good time. I can’t think of anyone that I’ve ever been in a band with that I feel like, ‘screw that dude.’ Playing in a band … that’s community. That’s where I get my connection. Outside of family, my deepest connections come about because of music.”

You can pick up their new seven inch in record stores or online.