Cans aplenty on the way, Tailspin Ale Fest cometh

Jan 25, 2017 at 11:14 am
New England IPA

Goodwood Brewing Co. recently held a tasting event to choose the recipe for a new product line addition in cans, that being Spruce Tip IPA. Those who participated got to taste three versions, choosing their favorite.

Well, the recipe designated Red at the event was the winner. I arrived late and got to taste only Blue and Green, as the Red keg blew as I sat at the bar. Oh well, that’s what I get for dragging my feet. Look for cans of the IPA coming in March. It has to be an interesting brew, and worth a try. Well, at least if it’s like the two I did get to try.

Monnik Beer Co. will have you covered in the meantime, and Great Flood Brewing Company isn’t far behind. Monnik will release cans of its heralded IPA to the public on Feb. 7 via a special taproom event, and I, for one, am looking forward to being able to score this delicious beer at my local beer store. Get there at 2 p.m. for a shot at a free glass, and six-packs will be available all day for $9.99 apiece. If you don’t make it to the event, look for cans bearing the spare design with the teal, blue, background coming soon to stores. Quite an interesting-looking can of beer, so it will be hard to miss. And what’s inside is even better.

Meanwhile, Great Flood announced it will begin canning Toasted Brown Ale and Find-a-Way IPA, unveiling its can design recently via its blog. The cans follow the art deco design of the brewery’s logo, and according to the blog post, “We look at these as much more than a vessel for our beers; they’re a celebration of our city, the loyal customers who have gotten us to this point, and our commitment to remaining brewer-owned and producing fresh, local beer.”

I’ve followed these guys since well before they opened, and I’m happy to see this coming to fruition. And, of course, I’m looking forward to tasting the beer that comes out of their new production brewery. Expect cans to hit stores sometime in February. Meanwhile, Great Flood beers will begin circulating to bars and restaurants around town even sooner.

Tailspin right around the corner

Tailspin Ale Fest is Feb. 18 this year, and it returns to the same airplane hangar with 200 beers, local music and food and a few new highlights. Check in at any Liquor Barn for a Tailspin Ale Fest/Dare to Care (paper) beer stein in your name in preparation for Tailspin Ale Fest 2017. It costs a buck, and it helps Dare to Care. Tailspin is out to top its $12,000 donation from last year, so you know what to do.

Kentucky State Fair winner beer

Congrats to Ryan Smalley, whose IPA won best in show at the Kentucky State Fair back in August, and who, as a result, got to brew with Leah Dienes at Apocalypse Brew Works. Smalley brewed a beer he dubbed Bunston Belgian Quad that turned out beautifully, and at 8 percent alcohol by volume is a full-bodied example of the style that actually drinks much easier than one might think. And prepare for the warming sensation you’ll get after a few sips. You can get it on draft at the Apocalypse taproom while it lasts. Well worth the four bucks.

Modern collectibles?

Someone from Chicago is selling stickers from Louisville breweries on eBay. That’s right, it appears someone made a trip from the Windy City to Louisville, spent the day visiting breweries, picked up some free stickers along the way, and is now selling them on eBay for $2.95 each (plus $1.95 shipping and handling).

Kind of odd, but if you collect exotic brewery stickers and can’t get to Louisville, this might be your best shot. And if anyone randomly types “Louisville beer” into eBay search, they might get their first impressions of Great Flood, Apocalypse and BBC.

Also, someone here in Louisville is selling an Old Louisville Brewery sticker for $5.99, describing it as “RARE” (yes, in all caps). That’s really odd, considering the last time I was at Old Louisville Brewery, there were free stickers on every table. Hmmm.