Councilman Dan Johnson must go

By now, we all know about the latest behavior of Metro Louisville Councilman Dan Johnson.

Allegations have been made by two women that he inappropriately touched or flashed them — both incidents that Johnson says were accidental. Now, he is threatening the women with legal action.

But then there is his past: banned from all Greater Louisville Inc. events after allegations that he made inappropriate comments to a female staff member. He apologized for that and claimed he was unaware his comments were untoward.

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‘Can you help?’

People in Syria just want to leave. For those under attack, the country of their birth no longer wants them and, because the war continues, the only solution they see is to give up everything and try to find a... Read More ›

Keep your creepy

There are two kinds of locals during Derby. The kind that dives into the season, hits all the parties they can afford and readies their TwinSpires accounts for playing the ponies; and there is the kind that bristles with discontent... Read More ›

What would Charlie say?

In the middle of this photo is Charlie, probably around 1940. The first line of the caption on this photo is the reason I bought it from a bin of forgotten lives. “Doesn’t this man look like God himself?” There... Read More ›

America the garden

Let’s talk about insects. Insects are small, in comparison to humans. Their interactions with us generally come from a hand wave or the heel of a shoe. They don’t get much time to know us as anything more than annoyed... Read More ›

What unifies white, black, brown

There are many things on my mind as we change administrations. I’ve been trying to understand what happened, just like most of America. Some folks have called it a “black-lash,” but I don’t see this as the whole story. Certainly,... Read More ›