Viral Comedian Kountry Wayne Is Bringing His Skits ‘Times 10’ To The Louisville Palace On Saturday

Mar 2, 2022 at 10:43 am
Kountry Wayne is known for his online skits about life's unfortunate events.
Kountry Wayne is known for his online skits about life's unfortunate events. Photo by Cat Harper.

Comedian Kountry Wayne (Wayne Colley) got his start on Facebook, making short videos about life’s inconvenient and unfortunate moments, like catching a girlfriend’s friend naked in their house. The skits Colley created, many featuring him in these situations with his thick Georgia drawl and funny expressions, were shared heavily and made him recognizable, bringing him to the attention of other celebrities who he’s since befriended. The 34-year old from Waynesboro, Georgia, is coming to the Louisville Palace this Saturday, March 5, for his “Straight Out the Mud” tour. LEO caught up with Colley to discuss his career, tour and how regular experiences like dating, pregnancy scares, etc. become part of his show. Colley is the father of 10 kids (ages 16 to 1 years old).

LEO: Tell us about growing up in small-town Georgia and how you found your way to the comedy stage. 

Kountry Wayne Colley: Well, as a child, I was always making people laugh real easy. I got older, I was trying to do the music, but I put up a video one day, [inaudible] it’s funny and people liked that more than my music. So I was like, ‘Hey, this must be the way.’

My dad was a standup comedian and his family was big and loud and always funny. Did you have a similar experience?

Oh yeah. My whole family, they were always drunk.

Your videos deal with so many real life situations, some every day, and others more risque. How did you choose those topics?

I kind of listened to the people. That’s why I always went on what my and other Black families...  I just go off what I’ve seen, heard and, I just, I put it back to the people.

Have you had any negative backlash?

Yeah, at first, when I first started, people would say, how can you believe in Jesus and put out this kind of content, about the infidelity, etc. People when they realized I didn’t care, or respond, ‘cause I don’t care what people said. I talk about what’s on my heart. Whatever don’t kill you, ain’t gonna kill you. 

You’re writing a book?

Oh yeah. The book comes out 2023.  So, it’s about my life, my craft and how I came up from poverty, have another (inaudible), women, my experiences and the way I think. It’s just my life story, how I came up and stuff like that. And me growing up in a small town, making it out and with my tactics and my beliefs and just spreading it to the world.

So you’re the father of nine kids? Did you come from a big family? 

10. Yeah, my dad had a lot of kids and, you know, I had a bunch of cousins and all that. When my kids link up, it’s like a party around here. 

What can people expect from the show?

The unexpected. I’m going to make people laugh so goddern hard. They all know that I’m speaking the truth. The truth will set you free, but the truth might hurt. I’m going to tell you the truth. It’s the skits, times 10. I can’t show everything, but I can tell it on stage.

Comedian Kountry Wayne performs at the Louisville Palace at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 5. Tickets start at $35.50.

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