Try Your Hand At “Everything” Trivia At Planet Of The Tapes

Dec 23, 2022 at 3:07 pm
Try "Everything" Trivia with Greg at Planet of the Tapes.
Try "Everything" Trivia with Greg at Planet of the Tapes.

Do you know a lot of things about a lot of things?

On Tuesday, Dec. 27, Planet of the Tapes will host its monthly “Everything” Trivia W/Greg event, which is just what it sounds like: trivia about a variety of topics and subjects.

There’s no cover, but it is 21+, and seating is limited. 

In the meantime, we’ve got some trivia questions for you to try — as it happens, this reporter used to be involved with Quick Recall, which is basically academic trivia for students, and wrote these high school-level questions a few years ago. See how well you do with them!

  1. In this musical, an anxious man waits by an outdoor payphone every night, and another character tells his dinner guests that “love starts on a down-beat.” The female lead sings of her nostalgia for Umm Kulthum and Omar Sharif, and the titular group gets lost traveling from Egypt to Israel. Name this Broadway musical, which won ten Tony Awards in 2018. 
  2. This artist, born Maria Gorska, fled to Paris during the Russian Revolution with her husband Tadeusz and her daughter Kizette. Her Art Deco paintings often feature women posing in front of skyscrapers, and she was known for her affair with her muse, a prostitute named Rafaela. A musical about her life, directed by Rachel Chavkin, is slated to transfer to Broadway. Who was this painter, famous for works like “Adam and Eve” and “Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti”?
  3. Beaches in this city include Imperial, Ocean, Pacific, Mission, and Coronado. Balboa Park is home to this city’s famous zoo, and thousands of entertainment fans flock to its namesake Comic-Con every year. Name this city, the second largest in California, which borders the Mexican city of Tijuana.
  4. This Oregonian athlete received acclaim in the early Nineties for being the first American woman to complete a triple axel. A 2017 movie about her chaotic upbringing and career path earned Margot Robbie an Oscar for Best Actress. Who is this figure skater and boxer, most famous for her association with a 1994 attack on Nancy Kerrigan?
  5. In this movie, the titular main character wipes mud onto a t-shirt, leaving behind an iconic symbol of the Seventies. He also reports the Watergate break-in, teaches Elvis a new dance move, and buys early stock in Apple. What is this Oscar-winning film, starring Tom Hanks as a mentally disabled man who changes American history over several decades?
  6. This city is home to the largest pinball tournament in the world, and its most famous university is named after an American industrialist. Name this manufacturing city in Pennsylvania, known as the “City of Bridges,” and home to the Steelers and the Penguins.
  7. The American version of Hogwarts is said to be located atop Mount Greylock in this New England state. This state is also home to colleges like Harvard, Wellesley, Amherst, and Smith. In what state, the sixth to join the Union, would you find the Berkshires, the Freedom Trail, and Plymouth Rock?