The Louisville Fringe Fest Returns This August With 10 Days Of Events

Jul 28, 2023 at 5:44 pm
GLOBE Arm Wrestling. Photo by Tyler Franklin.
GLOBE Arm Wrestling. Photo by Tyler Franklin.

The Louisville Fringe Fest, which features a wide range of experimental and vibrant theatre, is returning for its fifth year from Aug. 17-26.

This year, for the first time since before the pandemic, Fringe will run on two weekends, with 10 total days of programming. 

The festival will take place at the Louisville Visual Arts building (1538 Lytle St.) in Louisville’s Portland neighborhood.

Founding Artistic Director Allie Fireel said that the location is the festival’s biggest yet.

“We’ve never done anything on this scale before,” said Fireel in a press release. “We often transform ‘non traditional theatre spaces,’ but it’s usually a bar or a coffee shop. A place set up for people to hang out. This year we’re completely transforming a space that is essentially a big warehouse.” 

This year’s Fringe will feature work from Derby City Playwrights, poet Lance Newman, drag performer May O’Nays, writer-performer Syreeta Briggs, Ted Talk style “A Curious Woman” from Dr. Debra Clary, William Shakespeare’s GLOBE Arm Wrestling, and SHOTZ!, a group that specializes in original 10-minute plays, plus many others.  

There will also be an art installation by Yoko Molotov. 

Co-founder and Assistant Artistic Director Nicholas Hustine said that this is an exciting and challenging year for Fringe.

“We’re taking some risks with the move and with the size of what we’re trying to accomplish,” Hustine said. “But we always encourage our artists to take risks, so we wouldn’t be living up to our own standards if we didn’t go out on a limb sometimes.”

Tickets run from $10 to $30. The festival’s full daily schedule has yet to be announced. Keep an eye on for more details. 

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