Literary LEO 2014

Poetry — 1st Place

Jan 28, 2014 at 9:28 pm

by Jinn Bug

What I remember best
is standing between two worlds
the exile world of my imagination
and the cold gray-skied wilderness
behind my grandfather’s house
while those who lived
with their heads over their feet
laughed and gossiped inside
Later, there’d be music
and three kinds of pie
My blacksheep uncle Doug
was burning leaves
in a huge pile
the brackish perfume
of the Chesapeake mixed
with earth’s spice
and our silence
I remember the oak leaf
limned glowing red
the fire dancing blue
against the golden brown
its beauty
my desire
and reaching for it
cupping the beauty
in my palms and my
surprise at the pain
which came on slow
and whose imprint
I kept secret for thirty-five years
a messenger from my future self
tracing my palm, whispering:
This is how it is
Give thanks for all of it