By Donovan Paige

Jan 27, 2010 at 11:32 pm

Do what I want to myself, hurt myself, lie to myself

Be by myself, don’t like myself, ain’t been myself

Takin’ care of my wealth, not takin’ care of myself

Wish I was someone else, always say to myself

Know what’s good for myself, some drink, kill myself Don’t trust myself, sabotage myself, don’t need your help

End up killin’ myself, as a shrink bout myself, how I’ve been depressed

Interested in my wealth, now I’m playin’ with myself, can’t control myself

Pills to relax believe I’m someone else, feel sorry for myself

Red blue pill didn’t help, what would happen if I had my breath

Would I kill myself, runnin’ from myself, arrest myself

Chastise myself, rocked up murderin’ myself, time made me love myself

Analyze myself, behave myself, behave yourself

Look in mirror can’t see myself, stand myself, might like myself, think light of myself

Might fight myself, convince myself I’m being myself, down with self

Damn I’m out of breath, stroke myself, hang myself

Always together not myself, know what to say to myself, can’t believe myself

What if I ain’t really myself, bought someone else, deny myself

High by myself, knowledge of self, cards been dealt, cradle myself

Hard to change myself, unable myself, enable myself, rush myself

Baptize myself, hide myself, beside myself, cool if I say so myself

Escape myself, dealt with myself, challenge myself, deny myself

Tried to burn myself, stab myself, criticize myself

Could have died myself, donate myself, liver no in good health

Drink with myself, then cry by myself, in public hold myself

Fool of myself, danger to myself, arm myself, strong myself

Paranoid mediate myself, sedate myself, celebrate myself

Suffocate myself, ahead of myself, silence myself

Damn almost out of breath, can’t conceive myself, never bought myself

Run from myself, borrow for self, tax myself, victimize myself