Here’s The Full Lineup Of Everything You Can Learn At How-To Fest

May 11, 2022 at 1:32 pm
Alan White (right) of St. Matthews Martial Arts demonstrates how to defend against attackers at How-To Festival in 2017.
Alan White (right) of St. Matthews Martial Arts demonstrates how to defend against attackers at How-To Festival in 2017.

This Saturday, May 14, the Louisville Free Public Library will present its ninth annual How-To Fest, a free event in which local instructors will teach sessions about a wide variety of topics like photography, dancing, car maintenance, gardening and getting into circus arts.

We’ve got the list of all 71 sessions below. For more information on the locations and which sessions are kid-friendly, click on the schedule at this link.  

10-10:45 a.m. 

  • How to grow medicinal herbs (Madeline Marchal)
  • How to raise a herd of urban goats. (Von Barnes, Kentuckiana Backyard Farms)
  • How to plant a tree. (Louisville Grows)
  • How to “paint” with sidewalk chalk (LFPL) 
  • How to be a mad scientist (
  • How to practice mindfulness (Mandy Olivam)
  • How to repot orchids (limited 15) (Jan Smith, Kentucky Orchid Society) 
10 a.m.-2:45 p.m. 
  • How to look at the sun through a telescope (Louisville Astronomical Society) 
  • How to use your library (LFPL) 
  • How to save seeds & seed swap (Urban Agriculture Coalition) 
  • How to milk a cow (demo). (Haley Fisher, Southland Dairy Farmers) 
  • How to create art using solar pyrography (demo). (Billy Keith)
  • How to save seeds & seed swap. (Urban Agriculture Coalition)
  • Observation bee hive (weather permitting) (Lara Augustine, Kentuckiana Beekeepers) 
  • Plant Truck (Alix Davidson)
  • How to create cake art. (Deepa Karande)
  • How to support your library. (Library Foundation) 
  • How to make a button. (Friends of the Library) 
  • How to register to vote. (League of Women Voters of Louisville) 
  • How to live broadcast on community radio. (Forward Radio 106.5 WFMP-LP)
11 a.m. -11:45 a.m. 
  • How to do Tai Chi (Nu Chapter Tai Chi Chuan & QiGong Institute)
  • How to landscape your garden with edible plants (Trilba Smith, Master Gardener)
  • How to grow microgreens (LeTicia Marshall, Bearfruit and Grow)
  • How to plant a tree (Louisville Grows)
  • How to respect wildlife with Rudy the Skunk. (Brigette Brouillard, Second Chances Wildlife) 
  • How to do simple plumbing repairs. (Bruce Cohen, BC Plumbing)
  • How to plan a trip to Disney. (Elisa Doran, Magical Vacation Planner)
  • How to do stage combat. (Kentucky Shakespeare) 
  • How to make a podcast over the weekend. (Darryl Goodner & Kelly Nusz, Butter Pecan Podcast)
  • How to make marshmallows. (Chef BerNadette West-Fugate, Aunt BernieBear’s Sweets)
  • How to make and use a pinhole camera (limit 20). (John Gleason)
11 a.m. -12:45 p.m. 
  • How to do your own bike maintenance. (Todd Coy, St. Matthews Cycling)
  • How to do simple car maintenance. (Nick Morris, KCTCS)
  • How to hand embroider a bookmark. (Anissa Chapelle, Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Louisville Chapter) 
11 a.m. - 1:45 p.m. 
  • How to print like Gutenberg (Nick Baute, Hound Dog Press)
  • How to get started with string instruments (Matt Lane, Lane and Edwards Violins)
Noon-12:45 p.m. 
  • How to start an upcycled garden. (Mariel Gardner, 5th Element Farms
  • How to plant a garden and walk away. (Amanda Fuller, Lots of Food & Urban Agriculture Coalition)
  • How to attract birds and butterflies to your yard. (Hart Hagan, Wild Ones)
  • How to make a kite. (LFPL)
  • How to buy and sell a home in this interesting market. (Teresa Wallace, Teresa Wallace Team)
  • How to plan a trip across [the] country in an electric vehicle. (Sarah Lynn Cunningham, Louisville Climate Action Network)
  • How to make and decorate tasty dog treats. (Laura Meyer, Snookie’s Kookies) 
  • How to run away and join the circus. (Turners Circus) 
  • How to take better photographs. (John Nation & Danny Dempster)
  • How to replace dairy, eggs, and wheat in a recipe. (Martha Morgan, Allergy Dragon)
  • How to make shaker and tie-dye cookies (limit 30) (LyShanna Cunningham, ShannaCakes)
1-1:45 p.m. 
  • How to grow the happiest, most delicious tomatoes. (Terry Gibson, Master Gardener)
  • How to keep bees in your backyard. (Lara Augustine, Kentuckiana Beekeepers)
  • How to make worms poop for you and what to do next. (Dr. Brian Barnes & Angie Carlson, U of L)
  • How to make a colonial whirligig. (Colleen Wilson, Sons of the American Revolution) 
  • How to do modern dance. (Amberly Simpson, Ambo Dance Theatre)
  • How to buy a telescope. (Pat Peak, Louisville Astronomical Society)
  • How to garden with native plants. (Phyllis Fitzgerald, Master Gardener)
  • How to express gratitude through Neurographics. (Alina Trelesnik)
  • How to fence. (Dawn Wilson, Louisville Fencing Center) 
  • How to make electronic instruments with Arduino. (Jared Zarantonello & SCZ, Rhythm Science Sound)
  • How to can vegetables. (Dave Frasher, Cooperative Extension)
  • How to reduce stress and anxiety using Acupressure Jin Shin Jyutsu (Nona Segan, Reiki With Nona)
2-2:45 p.m. 
  • How to become an eco-friendly gardener. (June Sandercock, Master Gardener)
  • How to raise backyard chickens. (Judy Buckler & Bet Kohl, Master Gardeners)
  • How to identify beneficial insects from pests. (Rachelyn Dobson, Idlewild Butterfly Farm)
  • How to make tortillas from scratch. (Stephen Bartlett, Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville) 
  • How to practice self defense. (Gerry Rose, Rough Hands Martial Arts Training)
  • How to write an op-ed. (Bonnie Jean Feldkamp, Courier Journal)
  • How to go solar. (Sarah Lynn Cunningham, Louisville Climate Action Network)
  • How to create a spiritless cocktail. (Lucas Worley, Spiritless)
  • How to Salsa dance. (Andrea Valarezo, Salsa Underground)
  • How to become an authorprenuer [sic]. (Stephanie Feger, emPower PR Group)
  • How to homebrew: from grains to glass. (John Ronayne, Brewgrass Homebrew)
  • How to train your dog with positive reinforcement. (Kathleen Kiefer,
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