Comic Book Reviews: 'Pool Boys' and 'The Ribbon Queen'

Aug 7, 2023 at 1:43 pm
Pool Boys

'Pool Boys' #1 Created by Josh Trujillo, Josh Cornillon and Lucas Gattoni Review by Felix Whetsel The Great Escape

This summer’s been a hot one, much like the clientele of the Solitaire Resort, a poolside escape for interdimensional demons from across the multiverse. Paul is one of the several lucky pool boys who makes a living running towels to the chiseled visitors, and is even luckier to have several steamy run-ins with one guest in particular. But while Micah is one handsome devil that Paul will never forget, the problem with their fling is that Micah’s a temporary guest and they both want more than summer fun.

"Pool Boys" #1 is a titillating tale about falling in love when you know it won’t last, and sneaking away to towel closets and hot tubs. It features a colorful cast of characters (quite literally, as many the guests come in a rainbow of colors), juicy drama and steamy romance. Although a short read, it’s punctuated by several pages of pin-ups by guest artists and is a ton of indulgent, sexy fun that’s perfect for pool-side reading.

For even more fun, try calling the Solitaire Resort hotline at (218) 666-POOL where you can learn about the Kickstarter that funded it, hear a list of cocktails and rules, and even leave a message for the front desk.

'The Ribbon Queen' #1 Written by Garth Ennis Art by Jacen Burrows, Guillermo Ortego and Dan Brown Review by Krystal Moore The Great Escape

Don't let the title fool you. This isn't a comic about well-dressed, feminine ladies ruling over a fantastical kingdom. It's quite the opposite, really, starting out with a tough female detective informing her captain that they've got a serious problem. The captain comes off as that guy in the old TV shows who's always swigging down Pepto Bismol.

It seems a girl has turned up dead. That's nothing new, sadly, but this one is different. She was a victim of a serial killer. She'd been saved by the good guys just in time. But sometimes good guys aren't all good, and our detective is doing the dirty job of investigating some of her fellow officers.

Now, before you get all surprised that I'm doing a review of a straight-up crime piece, just remember this is written by Garth Ennis. The last panels unveil to our worldly detective that she is going to have to start thinking about very other worldly things in order to get to the bottom of this mystery.

The Ribbon Queen is an eight-issue series with #2 due out Aug. 23. AWA Comics is becoming a fantastic place to go for some serious doses of the supernatural. If that's your vibe, enjoy!

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