Comic Book Reviews: 'Justice League Dark' and 'Dead Life'

Aug 8, 2018 at 9:49 am
Dead Life Comic

‘Justice League Dark’ No. 1

Writer James Tynion IV, artist Alvaro Martinez Bueno Review by Meredith Harris, The Great Escape Louisville

In terms of publishing, the magic side of the DC universe has been lacking lately. By that, I mean it’s basically fallen solely on John Constantine and his “Hellblazer” title. But those times are over, because dark times in the magic world call for a dark Justice League. Spending most of the issue building the team, writer James Tynion IV and artist Alvaro Martínez Bueno take care to introduce the team leader, Wonder Woman, finding willing allies in Detective Chimp and Man-Bat, and reluctant allies in Swamp Thing and Zatanna. Their fight is that magic in the DC universe is dying, and it might just take all of humanity with it. Tynion IV is amazing at writing team books, as he showed off with his run on “Detective Comics,” always giving each member of the team their own special moments and story arcs. While “Justice League Dark” is only one issue in, it doesn’t seem to be any exception. Every member of the JLD gets at least one good moment that highlights Tynion’s understanding of them, and I’m looking forward to the inevitability of him tackling all the other magical characters in the DC universe along the course of this book. Martínez Bueno’s art is a perfect marriage of realism and stylism to give the book a wonderfully creepy feel. Brad Anderson’s coloring elevates the art to another level, always utilizing the perfect color palette for the scene. “Justice League Dark” No. 1 is out now and it’s the perfect place to jump on and see what’s going on in the magic side of DC, and issue No. 2 will be out at the end of August.


‘Dead Life’ No. 1

Writer Jean-Charles Gaudin, artist Joan Urgell Review by Krystal Moore, The Great Escape Louisville

As a fan of “The Walking Dead,” when I saw “Dead Life” hit the stands, I almost didn’t bother to pick it up. I felt like the zombie genre was pretty worn out. But, the fan girl in me made me read it anyway, and I am glad I did. The colors are almost pastel in the opening pages, but as the story darkens, so does the palette used. The art style is perfect for this book. This story starts with family strife that makes the characters come to life quickly. Some are more likable than others, of course, but, when the dead walk again, you can’t be too choosy about who helps you! The story goes from sitting around the dinner table to all-out action in just a few pages. More than a few jaw dropping moments happen in this book, but the last panel definitely throws a whole new twist into the mythology of the zombie. I’m very much looking forward to issue No. 2 to see where this writer is taking us. “Dead Life” No. 1, written by Jean-Charles Gaudin with art by Joan Ugell, is out now, with issue No. 2 due at the end of August!