A Louisville-Based Exhibition Of Collected Zines Is Traveling To Scotland

Sep 6, 2023 at 5:26 pm
Papertrail at Carbon Copy Gallery.
Papertrail at Carbon Copy Gallery. Photo provided.

"Papertrail" — an exhibition of zines and works on paper by artists from Kentucky and beyond — took place at Louisville’s Carbon Copy Gallery earlier this year, and now it’s set to travel abroad to Aberdeen, Scotland. 

"Papertrail II" will show in Aberdeen this October at The Print Room, a gallery hub by Peacock & the Worm.

The first "Papertrail" featured works on paper by more than ten U.S. artists, including Lousiville’s Kala'i Blakemore, Jessica Chao, Shannon Delahanty, Katie Knudsen, Matthew McDole, Katherine O’Dell, Peter Price and Timothy Roberston.

At the Louisville "Papertrail," there was also a Printed Zine Atrium with more than 250 zines hanging from the ceiling, collectively forming the shape of an X, that people could browse and read. 

Lindsey Cummins — co-director of the Printed Zine Project and co-curator of "Papertrail" — said that the zines are from the Project’s collection which they sourced in several ways, including by placing zine drop boxes around Louisville, with a call for entries.

As the exhibition travels, the plan is to put out a call for zines and works on paper in those cities, as well.

In a YouTube video about the inspiration behind "Papertrail," Cummins spoke about how the team wanted to find a convenient and interesting way to make the collected zines accessible to a bunch of people. 

“We were sort of like, ‘We have all of these zines, what do we do with them? How do we get people to see them.’ And so our solution to that was to hang them up,” Cummins said in the video.

Check out the full conversation with Cummins and co-curator Lucas Keown below:

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