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‘Let’s Check The Board’: Louisville Fashionista  Becomes TikTok Star

RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart has built a huge following for her tough love — and approachable style “A lot of you have said, ‘RaeShanda, you’re not Mrs. Garrett, but you stay giving us the facts of life.’”  [caption id="attachment_95025" align="alignright" width="300"] Chances are, if you use TikTok, you've "been to the board." (screenshot)[/caption] If you’re a fan of TikTok, chances are you’ve “been to the board” with RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart of All is Fair in Love and Fashion (or @shopaif), a women’s clothing and accessories boutique. Even as Lias-Lockhart preps her store (online and by appointment only) for the coming Kentucky Derby season, her... Read More



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Erica Rucker

Editor’s Note: Republicans Double Down On The Misuse Of The Word “Woke”

To be “woke” has three meanings. One of those is to be awake. For example,...
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‘Round The Fire: Red Moon Over One Tree Hill

Fall is my favorite time of the year, and as I have aged, I am...

Soapbox: We like it when you talk to us, even if you’re upset. This space is for you.

Sometimes, we talk back. This isn’t the first time America has questioned if it’s going...
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Oracle Of Ybor: Everyone Might Be A Sociopath In This One

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