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New Albany Did What Louisville Has Not: Pushed Through Downtown Street Redesign

In just four years, Louisville’s Southern Indiana neighbor quietly redesigned its entire downtown road network — a feat unmatched virtually anywhere else in the country. Meanwhile, across the Ohio River, Louisville has seen almost no progress on its downtown road redesign efforts. A study commissioned by Louisville in 2009 made many recommendations, almost all of which are still unrealized today, more than 10 years later.”      



The Unfucking of the Midwest
Dan Canon

Our Courts Won’t Solve Homelessness

In my last column, I discussed the legal victory for the homeless in a case...
Editor’s Note
Aaron Yarmuth

Schools Reform — Not Re-Harm

State lawmakers are just pushing papers around the desk, reshuffling them and calling it reform....
Ask Minda Honey
Minda Honey

Ask Minda Honey: Should I Out My Friend As Trans To Potential Dates?

In a relationship or life jam? Send your questions to: or reach me on...
Guest Commentary

Campus Free Speech Is Just State-Sanctioned Violence In Disguise

When we say UofL is a PWI, or predominantly white institution, we have to focus...