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Pressure on Attorney General Cameron continues on 150th day of protest

A group of around 100 protesters gathered outside of Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s house on Saturday night, marking the 150th day of protests in Louisville over the killing of Breonna Taylor by police in March. Though Cameron announced in September that the grand jury would not charge any of the officers involved for the killing of Taylor, social justice activists have made it clear that the fight for justice is far from over. The group gathered in the front yard of a neighbor and ally before marching to Cameron’s home where they were reminded by organizers to keep off of the... Read More



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Dan Canon

What could we do with $165 million in campaign contributions?

As of Sept. 30, the total amount raised by federal campaigns in Kentucky and Indiana...
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Aaron Yarmuth

Vote for the better candidate

I get it… “Both parties are the same!” (No, they’re really not.) “The two-party system...
Post Card from Washington
John Yarmuth

The LMPD — the institution and its culture — is corrupt

There are at least two definitions of corrupt. One is to act dishonestly in return...