Donald Trump And Republican Hypocrisy

Dear Republicans,

We have all watched the parade of people interviewed at Trump rallies and in all candor, there is quite literally nothing to be proud of in any of them. To be generous, the entire lot are paranoid, functionally illiterate, insane or embarrassingly stupid.

You are welcome to watch all of the YouTube videos of attendees and there are only two characteristics that can be said of the current state of Republicans; you are either evil or wickedly stupid.

Do you have no self-respect at long last that you continue to hoist these petards of imbecility into office?

If you are unsure of this incontrovertible fact, just look at what Tommy Tuberville tweeted out saying that high-speed internet will help Alabamians. The problem of course is that Tommy voted against it. Not only has he claimed something he voted against as his own, he is currently refusing to confirm promotions in the military until every armed service agrees not to transport any servicewoman needing an abortion in our military.

If you think this is an aberration, you’d be wrong.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace touted the $26 million grant for the Shipwatch Square Transit and Workforce Center project as something she heartily supported as one of her accomplishments. The problem of course was that she also voted against that funding.

What is it that you are for anymore? I know I know, cutting taxes and restricting women from having control over their own bodies.

What that has done is more harm than you are willing to admit. It has long been a lie iterated by the likes of Dick Cheney who is a known and dedicated liar that ‘tax cuts pay for themselves.’

While you have coddled that particular sophistry since Ronald Reagan introduced it, you have made the richest nation the biggest debtor nation which pays so much interest on our national debt that China has used that money to build 28,000 miles of high speed rails.

Do you appreciate how much your gullibility and stupidity cost us as a nation?

Of course, you don’t because that would require intelligence none of you seem to have anymore.

We have to listen to the morons in the Republican nomination race talk about building a bigger and better wall to something something ‘stop illegals from crossing.’

Why is it so impossible for you all to learn history’s valuable lessons from say, The Great Wall of China or the Maginot Line? Walls have never and will never work especially because we have these things called airplanes.

It’s also extremely frustrating that you all alone refuse to do anything about immigration which is having terrible effects in Florida and Georgia right now because a bunch of Republican simpletons passed legislation that says the states will arrest any ‘illegal’ and put them in jail for two years and then deport them.

The problem of course is that immigrants are the ones who pick the crops in Florida and most of the construction workers are not Americans. So all the farmers who voted for DeSantis are all shocked and horrified that immigrants have fled Florida to the point that farms cannot find anyone to work.

Not only has this reached a critical point, new construction is at a standstill because builders cannot find anyone to build anything because the immigrants have fled in fear of the stupid legislation your nitwit fellow Republicans passed because your base is so dumb they do not understand that we need immigrants in this country.

The same is happening in Georgia at the moment and legislators are saying, ‘We really didn’t mean to do all this so just ignore it’ trying to lure immigrants into staying and it isn’t working at all.

If your policies were not bad enough, we have to put up with the ridiculous and endless lies told by Trump about how he is protected under the Presidential Records Act. Despite Republicans specifically passing that law because of Richard Nixon to stop him from stealing national records, you all seem to be as oblivious as Trump as to what the PRA was passed for.

It was passed to keep someone like Trump from stealing any records at all, especially Top Secret documents. It is beyond exhausting having to put up with the sheer idiocy of every single goddamn Republican shithead on Fox trying to equivocate what Trump did with what Hillary did because none of them seem to be aware of the difference between ‘classified’ documents and ‘Top Secret’ documents!

They are not the same!

Hillary did not have nuclear secrets for fuck’s sake!

Trump has admitted on multiple occasions that he had Top Secret information and there is a tape of him discussing Top Secret war plans against Iran with people who had no security clearances at all!

How in the hell do you all summon the unmitigated gall to excuse this?

Aren’t you the ones who claim to be so strong on national security?

What the hell happened?

Now we have to listen to the endless nattering of that ridiculously stupid wench Barney Rubble Greene not only try and support Vladimir Putin but now we have to endure the gobsmacking imbecility of that vapid b!tch trying to erase the two Trump impeachments!

That is quite literally impossible!

How much more hell do you intend to put the country through because the base has jumped the shark and flown off the crazy cliff?

I mean I know how stupid the base is because it’s full of evangelical morons who still think this is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. Even that ignominious taint barnacle Tommy ‘The Dunce’ Tuberville isn’t that dumb! Actually, he is but that’s beside the point.

The point is that Joe has done a good job and there is absolutely nothing Republicans have done in the House to accomplish anything.

The Weaponization of Government Committee’s chairman Gym Jordan promised dozens of ‘whistleblowers’ who were going to ‘blow the lid off government corruption’ and you know how many of these ‘whistleblowers’ he or James Comey produced?

None. Zero. Not even one.

Everything Republicans say or do is a performance of stupidity and the problem is that Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Traitor Greene do not have even a basic amount of intelligence to know how stupid they truly are and you all keep re-electing them so what does that say about you?

It says you’re all fucking morons and I am no longer going to coddle the wanton stupidity that afflicts you collectively.

I am sick of your incessant lying and outright treason while you pony up to Vladimir Putin who is a merciless war criminal perpetrating a mass murder while you all sit around with your thumbs up your asses blaming Ukrainians for this war because Zelensky is Jewish.

Jack Smith is about to file the charges against the seditionists on January the 6th and when Trump is finally convicted for his many felonies against this nation then just know that you are equally to blame for electing that carnival-barking traitor.

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