The Winners Of The Literary LEO Photography And Cartoon Categories Are Here!

Another year, another Literary LEO.

This year, the entries brought something that we haven’t seen enough of in recent years: a tilt toward the feminine, in tone, submissions, and the deep tenderness in the entries. It was a kind year for choosing winners and honorable mentions, as we were highly impressed with the quality of the work. 

We hope that you’ll agree and make plans to send your own voice to the magazine for the next Literary LEO. 

As usual, there are the categories we’re all used to: Poems, Short Fiction, Cartoons, and Photography, both Black & White and Color. 

The stories span experiences, settings, and tone, but they all share something that we’re all looking for:­­­ a way to connect to our experiences. We look for meaning, feeling, and understanding in so many places, and one of the ways literature helps us is by putting that experience into words and giving our humanity form. 

The poems, likewise, speak to a world where we are trying to make sense. Sometimes it’s making sense of loss, and at other times we are seeking to understand the experience of existence.

The writers in this year’s Literary LEO have beautifully captured a span of these moments, and we’re exceptionally proud to share them with our readers. 

Likewise, in our Photography categories, we saw a range of artists keen on deeply observing the objects, life, and world around them. Photography is art created to look. It feeds our voyeuristic nature. We “see” the world in a particular way, in light or darkness, shadows or shade, and the photography entries this year gave us all of those things. In the Cartoon category, we’re seeing growth in the number of entries, but we definitely would like to see more next year. Louisville has an amazing number of artists, and perhaps, instead of only cartoons, we might need to broaden our category to 2-D visual art. At the same time, Louisville has an amazing number of cartoon, webtoon, and comics creators that we’d love to see in this category. We chose winners, and we’re happy that they chose to share their work with us. We want more of you next year. 

With that said, here are the winners!

Color Photography:


Winner of Color Photographer First Prize-“Wonders of the Night” by Kelly Davenport
Winner of Color Photography Second Prize- “Old Grist Mill” by Ted Heitzman
Winner of Color Photography Third Prize- “Untitled” by David Kelm.
Color Photography Honorable Mention- “Seeing Red” by Natalie Bickel

Black and White Photography:


Winner of Black and White Photography First Prize- “Dandelion” by Robert Dorzback
Winner of Black and White Photography Second Prize- “Portrait” by David Kegel
Winner of Black and White Photography Third Prize- “Look Whooo’s Watching” by Kelly Davenport
Black and White Photography Honorable Mention- “Crossroads” by Jinn Bug


Winner of Cartoon Category First Prize- “Louisville Luchador” by Stephen Johnson
Winner of Cartoon Category Second Prize- “Corvid-19” by Mark Needham.
Winner of Cartoon Category Third Prize- “Untitled” by Christopher Dalton.
Cartoon Honorable Mention- “BLM 502” by Eric Roorda
Cartoon Honorable Mention- “Chip Off the Ol’ Pop” by Erin Fitzgerald