Louisville’s Hip Hop Sweet Shop Owner Makes Appearance On The Kelly Clarkson Show

LaFesa Johnson, owner of Hip Hop Sweet Shop, appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Monday, March 13. Johnson appeared on the show as part of Clarkson’s “What I’m liking” segment that looked at how Hip Hop has spread through all parts of American culture over the last 50 years. The show is part of the year-long celebrations attached to the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop.  

“I’m not sure how they found me but I’m guessing through IG (Instagram),” Johnson told LEO. “They were celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop and I always tag #realhiphop in my post, so maybe that’s how they came across my profile.”

Hip Hop Sweet Shop is a Hip-Hop-themed sweets specialty shop where all the deserts and drinks are named for Hip Hop artists, songs and labels. 

On the show, Johnson shared that the bakery had been destroyed in a fire Dec. 21, and was hosting a GoFundMe to rebuild. Clarkson’s partners Pilot Pens donated $1000 to help the shop’s GoFundMe efforts. 

“We’ve only received a few donations since it aired, and only one was maybe from the show so far,” said Johnson when asked if the show sparked new donations. Hip Hop Sweet shop is about $17,000 from its goal of $25,000 to reopen a brick-and-mortar shop.