Here’s How You Can Nominate Louisville Music Venues For Nationwide Recognition

The entertainment news platform Consequence recently launched Hometowns of Consequence, an initiative to recognize local music venues across the country.

As part of the initiative, fans nominate their favorite local venues (that have capacities of no more than 2,000 guests) in each of five regions around the country.

Consequence will announce four venues from each region later this year for a final vote. The five winners will receive national attention, plus “unforgettable Hometowns of Consequence events and concerts.”

To submit your nomination(s), fill out this form. You can only nominate one venue at a time, but you can submit unlimited nominations.

(If it helps, some of Louisville’s eligible venues include Zanzabar, Headliners, Mercury Ballroom, Kaiju, Portal, Old Forester’s Paristown Hall, and Mag Bar.)