The Winners Of The 2022 LEO Readers’ Choice Awards

LEO’s most celebratory issue is back. 

We’re taking a break from our usual political snark, investigative journalism and localized pop culture coverage to bring you the 2022 installment of Readers’ Choice — the annual issue that unveils the results of your votes for the best people, places, businesses and organizations in Louisville. 

Via the links below, you’ll find the winners of Readers’ Choice voting, of course, but you’ll also find what LEO’s staff had to say about the greatest things that the city had to offer this year. While your picks are structured neatly, our side is more random — we broke the mold and made up a bunch of categories, and created a sort of round up of cool stuff (and sometimes a bit of satire). 

So, after a few tough years, let’s rejoice in the best that Louisville has to offer. Congratulations to the winners, and we hope our readers will use the issue as a guide to get out on the town and spend some money in our venerable local establishments.

Want to jump around the different categories for the 2022 LEO Readers’ Choice winners? Use this handy section-by-section hyperlink guide!

Readers’ Choice Categories

Arts & Entertainment
Food & Dining
Health & Fitness
Local Shops
Places & Attractions

And LEO’s staff wanted a say, too. Check out our 2022 Staff Picks to see what we think was the best that the city had to offer this year.