Hate Your Ex? Feed Them To A Reptile To Benefit The Kentucky Herpetological Society

The Kentucky Herpetological Society will name an insect after your ex and feed it to a reptile — all in the name of love and charity, of course. 

KHS, a nonprofit hobbyist group that educates and promotes conservation, announced the Valentine’s Day inspired fundraiser yesterday.

The insect used might not actually be an insect. It could be a rat or another type of “feeder” that the nonprofit gives to their herps.

And the feeder’s namesake doesn’t have to be your ex, either. It could be anyone else who’s done you wrong. 

As the KHS put it on Instagram, “This is a fun way to celebrate the holiday and donate to an awesome nonprofit all while eliminating your toxic past in a very healthy manner! (Therapist approved 🤗)”


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Insects and veggies are $3 each. Rodents — frozen or thawed — are $5 each.

To participate, send the appropriate donation amount to @KYHerpSociety on PayPal anytime between now and Feb. 13.

In the memo, include the name of the person (or organization, etc.) you want to name your “feeder” after. 

(They don’t say if you can also specify what kind of animal you’d like the feeder given to, but there’s no harm in trying.)

On Feb. 15, the KHS will post a video collage of all of the “victims.”

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