The 1991(ish) Music Issue: Louisville Punk And Hardcore Through The Camera Lens

Photos shared with LEO from Chris Higdon, Kayte Garcia, Sean Fawbush, Adam Colvin and Mike Bucayu

This photo essay is a collection of photos both by and collected by Chris Higdon, Mike Bucayu, Kayte Garcia and Sean Fawbush. We hope you can see the photos and feel the energy of the era. One of the most unique things about Louisville’s punk and hardcore scene is the level of documentation and paraphernalia. People were writing, snapping photos with film cameras, making zines, stickers, shirts, in addition to all the kids making great music. 

Chris Higdon comprises one half of the Kreich-Higdon photography team. Before his life as a professional photographer, Higdon was a hardcore kid with a good eye. He also played in several local hardcore bands. (See more of Higdon’s comments in the article by Syd Bishop.)

Kayte Garcia is a criminal defense attorney, Louisville ex-pat (for now) and former hardcore kid. She’s been collecting photos of the “good ole days” for a while and was generous enough to share from her collection. Some of the photos are by Garcia and some by friends of hers including Sean Fawbush, Trisha Cooper and Sean Cronan.

Adam Colvin is a local realtor and drummer. Colvin plays drums in Batwizard but formerly many other Louisville bands including Sancred, Old Vikings and Fogbeef.

Mike Bucayu is punk/hardcore royalty and has been around the local punk and hardcore scene for more years than he’d like to count. He was the bassist of Kinghorse, has run Self Destruct records for these last 30 years, has owned a record shop and much more. These days, he can be found hiking and working on his YouTube Vlog: Base Camp Bucayu.

Antietam at the New Music Seminar in 1991. Photo by Bruce Warren
Ticket from Louisville Gardens show featuring Dybbuk, Undermine and Bewitched
John Kampschaefer photo of Kinghorse at cd graffitis
Kinghorse at the Red Barn
Kinghorse/Self Destruct Records’ Mike Bucayu with Jeremy Podgursky
Undermine. Photo by Mike Bucayu
Tak of Undermine
Adam Colvin (Photo by Thommy Browne)
Sancred photo by Gary Goetchius
Crowd Shot at the Machine by Jeremy King (provided to LEO by Adam Colvin)
crowd shot by Jeremy King (provided to LEO by Adam Colvin)
From the Kinghorse tour in ’91
Mike Bucayu with Anthony Kiedis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Scott Richter in his Sunspring Days Photo by Chris Higdon

Kayte Garcia

Spot by Chris Higdon
Photo by Chris Higdon
Crain photo by Chris Higdon
Photo by Chris Higdon
Photo by Chris Higdon
Kriech-Higdon Photography
Kriech-Higdon Photography
photo by Chris Higdon