Photo Set: The Breonna Taylor decision brings tears, hugs and anger

Some cried. Some hugged each other. The protesters holding Jefferson Square Park for more than 100 days had gotten their answer — no charges would be brought in Breonna Taylor’s death — and they were angry.

After listening the grand jury announcement that only a single officer would be indicted and not on charges relating to Taylor’s death, the protesters began to march through downtown. They eventually made their way to The Highlands.

Tamika Mallory, with New York-based social justice group Until Freedom, spoke to protesters before the attorney general’s announcement.
Shameka Parrish-Wright, with the Bail Project, spoke to protesters about their rights and what to do if they are detained or arrested by police during a protest.
Protesters comforted one another after it was announced that no officers would be charged for the killing of Breonna Taylor in March.
After the announcement of no charges relating to Breonna Taylor’s death, protesters marched through downtown on Wednesday.
Protesters gathered in Jefferson Square Park as they waited for the decision.
Linda Sarsour, with the New York-based social justice group Until Freedom, hooked up a phone to a speaker system so protesters could hear the decision as it was being announced.
Protesters gathered in Jefferson Square Park on Wednesday as they listened to the grand jury announcement of whether those responsible for Breonna Taylor’s death would be charged.
After hearing that no charges will be brought against the officers involved in killing of Breonna Taylor, many protesters in the Square cried and hugged one another.
Protesters encountered Louisville police officers as they marched through downtown.