16 photos from the 2019 Photo Biennial

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The 2019 Louisville Photo Biennial is upon us, with nearly 70 exhibitions across the Louisville region (and Frankfort). Here is a small sampling of the range of photography you will find.

‘Hands’ by Guillermo Sollano at 1619 Flux.


‘Dora’ by Mat Gatton at Moremen Gallery..


‘Red Sweater Girl’ by Loretta Lox at Downtown Pilates.


‘Marshall & Dante’ by Bill Pusztai at garner narrative fine contemporary art.


‘Three, Rarely Four’ by Darrell Kincer at Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery.


‘Chaco Canyon #5’ by Tom Fielder at Downtown Arts Center.


‘London’ by Leslie Mosher at Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC).


‘Women Praying’ by Jay Mather at the UofL Photo Archives.


‘Blue’ by David E Becker at Brick Street Studio.



‘Allie May, Sharecropper’s Wife’ by Walker Evans at the UofL Hite Art Institute.


‘The Edwardian’ by Kevin Rose Schultz at St. Paul’s Episcopal Kent Mansion Gallery.


‘The Krakken’ by Melissa Dettlinger at The Root.


‘Paris’ by Elizabeth Reilly at Surface Noise.


‘Reflecting Pool’ by Harriet Wise at Capital Gallery.


‘Brazil’ by Charles H. Traub, at the Paul Paletti Gallery.