Where to find the best chicken livers in Louisville

A somewhat polarizing dish, chicken livers aren’t a menu staple in Louisville. So, finding a plate of good chicken livers that are not too greasy can be an odyssey. The great news for Southern fried weirdos with a taste for paté is that we at LEO have got you covered. So, skip Kroger and Lee’s Famous Recipe, and check out these six places.

624 E. Market St.
Rivercrest Farm Chicken Livers: grilled cornbread, smoked sorghum, giardiniera (pickled vegetables) and hot sauce. While so many chicken liver dishes are served with sautéed onions and, occasionally, gravy, the Rivercrest Farm Chicken Livers are a refreshing take on a classic. Still Southern by nature, Harvest’s chicken livers are elevated to an art form, exceeding your expectations for how chicken livers can be prepared, without losing any of the traditional nuances of the dish. Enhanced by an interesting flavor pairing, these may be the fanciest chicken livers that you will find, with the giardiniera and Michter’s Barrel Aged hot sauce — sweet and savory, with a nice kick. You’re left with heat on the edge of your lips and a full belly.


The Silver Dollar
1761 Frankfort Ave.
$8, no sides
Served as an appetizer, the chicken liver basket at the Silver Dollar are a savory treat. The lightly-breaded livers are served as bite-sized morsels with a side of tangy ancho aioli. The breading is crisp and crunchy. While it’s served as a warm-up, these livers can easily work as a full meal, especially when paired with one of the delicious sides, particularly the mac and cheese — and a bourbon or a dark beer.

Check’s Cafe
1101 E. Burnett Ave.
$8.95, two sides and bread
Check’s continues to be one of Louisville’s best kept secrets. It’s no surprise that its chicken livers absolutely deliver. They are crisp, juicy and hearty. The potatoes are buttery and the biscuit is thick and doughy, a sublime Southern set of sides.

Hillview Family Diner
1679 Old Preston Hwy.
$8.25, two sides
On the northern tip of Bullitt County, close to the Jefferson County line, the Hillview Family Diner is a mom-and-pop-style eatery that recalls a different time. It’s as if it were cut out of “Twin Peaks.” The chicken livers have a flaky breading and are dry, but in a good way that allows the flavor to pop, complementing well with the brown gravy. The portion includes a variety of bigger and smaller bits, ideal for sharing.

Hillview Family Diner

Claudia Sanders Dinner House
3202 Shelbyville Road, Shelbyville
$21.50, included in the pice of the buffet
Straight out of the oven and by request only, the chicken livers at Claudia Sanders, which is primarily a buffet, are fresh and juicy, with a salty aftertaste. Wash this down with an iced tea to complete the experience.

Cottage Inn
570 Eastern Pkwy.
$8.99, with two sides and bread
The livers are creamy and draped in fried onions. These are great with the mashed potatoes, which, while otherwise average, offer a soft counterpoint to the richness of the dish. Add in the peppery green beans and sweet cornbread on the side to round out an inexpensive meal.