Liquor Barn unveils new delivery app

Ever have a dinner party and find yourself running out of wine? Or host a cookout and the beer begins to run low? Or maybe you just don’t feel like getting out of your pajamas to go out and grab a bottle of wine. A new app puts Liquor Barn, literally, at your fingertips.

The new app, available free through iTunes and the Google Play Store (search “Liquor Barn”), offers about 10,000 items that can be ordered immediately and delivered within the hour.

Edward Harrison, director of business development for Blue Equity, Liquor Barn’s parent company, said a law was passed in early 2017 that made alcohol delivery legal in Kentucky. Liquor Barn quickly moved to launch an app, which is now being rolled out to the public for wide use.

Harrison said the new law and resulting app offers the end user “a cornucopia of products.”

For some, the new service might mean having beverages delivered to work during the day, which saves a stop at the liquor store on the way home. Or it might mean not having to leave the house during a house party, binge watching session or an all-day NFL Sunday marathon.

For regular Liquor Barn customers, it means having virtually the entire inventory of alcoholic beverages and accessories – from party supplies to cork screws – available in the same way pizza has always been available. For customers who aren’t app-savvy, there’s an e-commerce option available on the Liquor Barn website. For those who play it old school, they can simply pick up the phone and place an order.  Customers can expect their orders to be at their doorstep within the hour, and Harrison said it’s usually faster.

The delivery area spans as far west as 10th Street downtown and as far east as the Jefferson County line. Simply choose the store nearest you in the app to get the quickest delivery.

The delivery fee is just $5 per order (minimum order is $20).  The delivery fee is waived for any order totaling $75 or more.  Liquor Barn is also very supportive of the social responsibility element by providing the delivery option for people who should not be driving.

“Five dollars is a lot cheaper and a lot safer than having an accident or getting a DUI,” Harrison said. “That means you have the entire inventory count on your phone and one is able to shop just like you would inside the store without taking a risk. We feel this is an important component of the app.”

Liquor Barn doesn’t use third-party delivery employees – they are fully trained Liquor Barn employees who specialize in the delivery service. They are trained to check IDs, and their goal is to get your order to you quickly. 

Another perk of the delivery service is gift-giving – if you want to gift a friend or relative with their favorite bottle of bourbon, it’s as easy as putting their address into the app while placing the order. And if you want to place an order for pick-up, the app can do that for you too. Drop in at your convenience, and your order will be ready and waiting. Leave the shopping to the Liquor Barn staff.

App users can also expect special deals, and when you run out of your favorite spirit, you can re-order in an instant simply by scanning the barcode on the label – that scanner is built into the app for your convenience.

“We believe we have a superior product in the market,” Harrison said, referring to the Liquor Barn experience.