Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

We believe the women…  |  Thorn

…and there is also collateral damage in this mess with Haymarket Whiskey Bar’s owner: It seems we are losing another venue, a center for emerging scenes and ascending musicians. Hey, we knew you were an asshole, but you have created a whole new category.

Downtown safe for lunch  |  Thorn & Absurd

Hey, East End Ladies Who Lunch! Downtown Louisville is safe again for you to brunch… We give an absurd and a thorn to the Louisville Downtown Partnership for its cringeworthy video “I Go Downtown,” which purports to showcase “downtown.” But… “ … deep into the city … ” is more than Main and Fourth streets, and it includes more than just the producers’ friends, a who’s who of local business people and pols. And why are singers and athletes virtually the only people of color in the video? We do love the music and dancing, especially Laura Ellis, Ben Sollee and Jecorey “1200” Arthur, but the rest makes Louisville look like an incestuous take on “The Original Amateur Hour.”

Rip off that bandage  |  Thorn

Now that the Metro Council Democrats have pushed through an ordinance limiting when police can work with federal immigration officers, why not just declare Louisville a sanctuary city? The tRump administration already is hinting that the city could lose federal money. Nothing left to lose. Mayor Greg Fischer’s spokesman called the threat “politically petty.”

They made us break the law!  |  Absurd

WDRB has a story about the number of school buses that speed. Here is what the union president said in their defense: “A lot of these drivers feel the need to hurry up and pick them up from school and get them home,” he said. “The district has a policy of 30 or 40 minutes. No bus driver will be longer than that.”

One can dream, no?  |  Rose

Our Dear Leader John Yarmuth has joined a too-small cadre of Democrats filing impeachment articles for tRump. The local GOP accused Yarmuth of “frivolity” … said the party of The Pussy Grabber in Chief.

Class act takes a bow  |  Rose

Last week, Courier Journal reporter Sheldon Shafer retired after 44 years and 25,000 news articles. We see more bridge and bad jokes in your future, Shel!