Dream Sequins®


Like any product of deep REM sleep, Dream Sequins® operates with its own internal logic that doesn’t necessarily bear any resemblance to the waking world. Tracks such as “KΞΞP/////THIS/////” and “DΞΞP COMΛ™ SKKY Diving” play out like Pure Moods for the Tumblr crowd, but while that late-’90s New Age compilation used its ubiquitous infomercials as a means to an end, Nmesh posits that the infomercial itself is a legitimate work of art worthy of critical appraisal. Throughout this expansive and meticulous audio collage, forgotten bits of focus-grouped dialogue used to peddle consumer items become the items of consumption, lovingly warped and twisted in order to appropriate these shared cultural signifiers as personal, cherished memories. Dream Sequins® is more clever, more disturbing and even more fun than its predecessor, last year’s Nu.wav Hallucinations — no small feat.