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Movin’ on?Frankly, Bob Domine’s impertinence notwithstanding, there was never a question that Brian Brohm would return for his senior season. The pertinent query is which of U of L’s other two stars is likely to move early to the next level? Most speculation has been about Heisman-quality multi-purpose back Michael Bush. How does his insurance policy read?

A movable need: Affordable Housing task force set to present findings to the Mayor

In terms of real life, Gina Santoro is a single mother of two who lives in a trailer park in Fairdale. She says the park is decent — “not nasty, dirty, anything like that” — and is her most reasonably priced living situation given immediate circumstance, which isn’t even close to downtrodden, although she can’t quite make the average rent for a house in her slice of South Louisville.

Rumor & Innuendo

Cards fans are now  asking ...

City Strobe: Clear Channel sells out

Clear Channel Communications, the media behemoth we love so for the “access” it provides us, has agreed to an $18.7 billion buyout (plus $8 billion in debt) from a private equity group co-led by Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital Partners. The need for a bailout stems from the scramble-buys in TV and radio the company made when the FCC opened the floodgates of regulation a few years back. It’s the third-largest buyout in U.S. history.

Rumor & Innuendo

Rumor: The name game. Let’s do Shirley. Name the two teams that competed in this recent “instant classic” that was all offense all the time. Forty-one total first downs. Nine hundred yards between the squads, 317 on the ground, 583 in the air. Eighty-one points. Don’t either one of those powers know how to play D? Need another clue as to whom I’m speaking? Both teams are in the Top 10, but only one other school in their league has cracked the Top 25. No-brainer? Right! It’s Michigan and The Ohio State University. Numeros uno and deux. So, uh, riddle me this: How come the national pundits aren’t talking the same trash about the Buckeyes and Wolverines as they did after U of L-West Virginia lit up the scoreboard? Name game: Let’s do Chuck.


This week’s cover story features Marvin Francis, who took up art after he was incarcerated for a horrific 1986 murder. One school of thought would say shun the man entirely; another would say life must go on and demand that we look for the good in everyone. Either way, this is a story that will challenge us. There’s no forgetting the brutal truth about what Francis did, but there’s also no overlooking the fact that he’s trying to do something constructive. Surely there’s a lesson here for all of us. —Cary Stemle

City Strobe

Kentucky Theater Project leaves namesakeKentucky Theater Project, the nonprofit arts group that operates out of The Kentucky Theater on Fourth Street, will end its association with the venue Thursday. The group has operated the theater since April 2000; the facility, which is owned by SLS Management LLC, is independent of KTP.

Gift Guide: With forethought, art can top your holiday shopping list

I often hear complaints that people do not view or buy visual art during the holidays. There seems to be just too little daylight available; hours and sanity vanish as you fight with other stressed-out consumers over the latest must-have toy. Take a deep breath, exhale and focus. Now see if you can make the time to visit a museum, gallery, store or holiday art event. Remember what we celebrate during this time of year and let art help you put the spiritual back in your life.

The finish line: The public has no say when proposed zoning changes reach the Metro Council. Should it?

Stephen T. Porter is a real estate lawyer who also happens to live in the Tucker Station neighborhood, in the southeastern portion of Louisville Metro, where a group of 12 houses will be replaced in due time with a 282-acre industrial park, though the development was challenged by a lawsuit Porter filed on behalf of the neighborhood association, which is basically how this story begins.

LEO’s Third Annual Highly Useful Eccentric Holiday Guide

Judging by all of the Christmas decorations I saw on homes and businesses right after Halloween, LEO may be too late with its annual Holiday Guide. But in case you’re not all wrapped up, we recommend keeping this Holiday Guide handy. Our intrepid writers have compiled a wonderful list of unusual gifts (with a local bent), plus a hearty directory of holiday-themed concerts and plays that will entertain and provide a perfect antidote to holiday stress. Such a deal. Happy holidays to you and yours. —Cary Stemle