Project Censored

Annual media watchdog list of important stories ignored by the mainstream media leads with Frankenstein fish and documents multiple instances of the uber wealthy's hidden control of the government and our public resources.

1.) Our oceans are acidifying — even if the nightly news hasn’t told you yet. 


Writer's Choice 2014

Best Place to Buy an Embroidered Poodle or a Weird Album 

Astroblack Records/Fat Rabbit

—1000 E. Oak St.


Readers' Choice 2014

The people have spoken and the results are in. It’s that time of year again when LEO Weekly readers determine what they think is the best Louisville Metro has to offer.


LEON: Pot-themed IdeaFestival a major disappointment

Something a little different is in the air of this year’s IdeaFestival.

Inbox - October 1, 2014

Homophobia and violence prevalent downtown

Inbox - October 8, 2014

Letters to the Editor

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Cards midseason 
Still hope for offense while defense still nasty

 A pass sails downfield to a seemingly wide open receiver.


LEON: Police refuse release of racial-profiling study, citing, "There's nothing to see here"

Last week, the Louisville community was discouraged when a much anticipated release of a racial-profiling study never materialized.


LEON: Mayor declares River Road on big bike lane

Today, Mayor Greg Fischer made a major announcement on the steps of City Hall: River Road will now be one big bike lane. 


A Tale of Two.....

 In recent months, there have been numerous stories of women being shamed and asked to breastfeed in private or to cover up, despite the laws in most states providing protection for breastfeed