November 7, 2006

Readers Choice - The Winners

GOODS & SERVICESBest Attorney1.    Darryl Isaacs2.    David Lambertus3.    Greg StumboBest Auto Dealership1.    Swope Auto Group (various)2.    Bachman Chevrolet (various)3.    Craig & Landreth (various)Best Auto Service Center1.    Bachman Automotive (various)2.    Volksdoktor (1387 Lexington Road, 584-3511)3.    Boone’s Chevron (various)Best Bank1.    PNC Bank (various)2.    National City Bank (various)3.    U.S. Bank (various)Best CD/Music Store1.    ear X-tacy (1534 Bardstown Road, 452-1799)2.    Best Buy (various)3.    Book & Music Exchange (various)Best Musical Instrument Store1.    Doo Wop Shop (1587 Bardstown Road, 456-5250 and 2915 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy., 491-4191)2.    Mom’s Music (various)3.    Guitar Emporium (1610 Bardstown Road, 459-4153)Best Video Store1.    Wild and Woolly Video (1021 Bardstown Road, 473-0969)2.    Blockbuster Video (various)3.    Hollywood Video (various)Best Men’s Clothing Store1.    Dillard’s (various)2.    Joseph A. Banks (various)3.    Unique Thrift (617 Carter St., 772-9304 and 6201 Preston Hwy., 962-7212)Best Women’s Clothing Store1.    Dillard’s (various)2.    Pitaya (955 Baxter Ave., 479-6006)3.    Cherry Bomb (960 Baxter Ave., 583-1922)/Fung Shway (1382 Bardstown Road, 473-2011)/Nitty Gritty (996 Barret Ave., 583-3377)Best Vintage Clothing Store1.    Cherry Bomb (960 Baxter Ave., 583-1922)2.    Nitty Gritty (996 Barret Ave., 583-3377)3.    Elizabeth’s (2050 Frankfort Ave., 895-5911)Best Dry Cleaner1.    Highland Cleaners (various)2.    Nu Yale Dry Cleaners (various)3.    James the Cleaner (2593 Charlestown Road, New Albany, 812-944-4041)Best Adult Store1.    Priscilla’s (7844 Dixie Hwy., 935-4665 and 119 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy., 339-7370)2.    Red Alley (626 W. Broadway, 562-9595 and 2517 Seventh St. Road, 634-9888)3.    The Love Boutique (140 W. Jefferson St., 585-4627)Best Lingerie Store1.    Victoria’s Secret (various)2.    Frederick’s of Hollywood (Jefferson Mall, 966-2031)3.    Priscilla’s (7844 Dixie Hwy., 935-4665 and 119 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy., 339-7370)Best Florist1.    Nanz & Kraft Florist (various)2.    Broadway Florist (224 W. Broadway, 583-2846 and 724 Lyndon Lane, 425-6111)3.    Cannon’s Florist (1026 N. Clark Blvd., Clarksville, 812-283-7576)Best Gift Store1.    Regalo (980 Barret Ave., 583-1798)2.    Scout (801 E. Market St., 584-8989)3.    WHY Louisville (1609 Bardstown Road, 459-5522)Best Hair Salon1.    Kaleidoscope Hair Salon (1436 Bardstown Road, 458-3937)2.    Blades Salon (132 Chenoweth Lane, 893-0431)3.    Joseph’s Salon (3938 Dutchmans Lane, 897-5369)Best Day Spa1.    Z Salon & Spa (9407 Shelbyville Road, 426-2226)2.    Fox Hollow (8909 Hwy, 329, Crestwood, 241-8621)3.    Joseph’s Salon & Spa (3938 Dutchmans Lane, 897-5369)Best Health Food Store1.    Whole Foods (4944 Shelbyville Road, 899-5545)2.    Amazing Grace Whole Foods (1133 Bardstown Road, 485-1122)3.    Rainbow Blossom Natural Foods (various)Best Tanning Salon1.    SunTan City (various)2.    UltraTan (various)3.    New Image Hair & Tanning (99 Settlers Center Road in Taylorsville, 477-9960)Best Liquor Store1.    Old Town Wine & Spirits (1529 Bardstown Road, 451-8591)2.    Liquor Barn (various)3.    Wine Market (1200 Bardstown Road, 451-7446)Best Tobacco Store1.    Cox’s Smokers Outlet (various)2.    Tobacco Road (various)3.    River City Smoke Shop (623 Preston Hwy., 962-8100)Best Bookstore1.    Carmichael’s Bookstore (2720 Frankfort Ave., 896-6950 and 1295 Bardstown Road, 456-6950)2.    Borders (various)3.    Barnes & Noble Booksellers (various)Best Bicycle Shop1.    Highland Cycle (1737 Bardstown Road, 458-7832)2.    Bicycle Sport (132 Breckenridge Lane, 897-2611)3.    Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling (11520 Shelbyville Road, 245-1955)Best Antique Store1.    Louisville Antique Mall (900 Goss Ave., 635-2852)2.    Joe Ley Antiques (615 E. Market St., 583-4014)3.    Nussbaum Gallery (2040 Frankfort Ave., 894-9490)Best Furniture Store/ Home Accessories Store 1.    Red Tree (701 E. Market St., 582-2555 and 11508 Shelbyville Road, 244-2338)2.    Ashley Furniture Homestore (various)3.    The Deal (1004 Barret Ave., 479-1000)Best Church1.    Southeast Christian Church (920 Blankenbaker Pkwy., 253-8400)2.    Little Flock Baptist Church (1030 S. Hancock St., 584-3016)3.    Cathedral of the Assumption (433 S. Fifth St., 582-2971)Best Volunteer Opportunity1.    Wayside Christian Mission (808 E. Market St., 584-3482)2.    Kentucky Humane Society (various)FOOD & DRINKBest Restaurant1.    Seviche (1538 Bardstown Road, 473-8560)2.    Ramsi’s Café on the World (1293 Bardstown Road, 451-0700)3.    El Mundo (2345 Frankfort Ave., 899-9930)Best New Restaurant1.    Seviche (1538 Bardstown Road, 473-8560)2.    Proof on Main (700 W. Main St., 217-6360)3.    The Cheesecake Factory (5000 Shelbyville Road, 891-3933)Best Al Fresco Dining1.    Avalon (1314 Bardstown Road, 454-5336)2.    Azalea (3612 Brownsboro Road, 895-5493)3.    Captain’s Quarters (5702 Captain’s Quarters Road, 228-5447)Best Late-Night Bite1.    White Castle (various)2.    Taco Bell (various)3.    Café 360 (1582 Bardstown Road, 473-8694)Best Fine Dining1.    Le Relais (2817 Taylorsville Road, 451-9020)2.    Ruth’s Chris (6100 Dutchman's Lane/Kaden Tower, 479-0026)3.    Proof on Main (700 W. Main St., 217-6360)Best Place for a Romantic Dinner1.    Le Relais (2817 Taylorsville Road, 451-9020)2.    The Oakroom (500 S. Fourth St. at Seelbach Hilton, 585-3200)3.    Jack Fry’s (1007 Bardstown Road, 452-9244)Best Restaurant on the River1.    Captain’s Quarters (5702 Captain’s Quarters Road, 228-5447)2.    Joe’s Crab Shack (131 River Road, 568-1171)3.    Tumbleweed Southwest Grill (various)Best Chinese Restaurant1.    P.F. Chang’s (9120 Shelbyville Road, 327-7707)2.    August Moon (2269 Lexington Road, 456-6569)3.    Double Dragon (various)Best Indian Restaurant1.    Kashmir (1285 Bardstown Road, 473-8765)2.    Shalimar (1820 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy., 493-8899)3.    India Palace (9424 Shelbyville Road, 394-0490)Best Japanese Restaurant1.    Sapporo Japanese Grill & Sushi (1706 Bardstown Road, 479-5550)2.    Shogun (9026 Taylorsville Road, 499-5700)3.    Maido (1758 Frankfort Ave., 894-8775)Best Mexican Restaurant1.    El Nopal (various)2.    Ernesto’s (various)3.    Los Aztecas (various)Best Middle Eastern/Greek Restaurant1.    Shiraz (2018 Brownsboro Road, 891-8854)2.    Grape Leaf (2217 Frankfort Ave., 897-1774)3.    Pita Delights (1616 Grinstead Drive, 569-1122)Best Thai Restaurant1.    Thai-Siam (3002 Bardstown Road, 458-6871)2.    Lemongrass Café (various)3.    Mai’s Thai (1411 E. 10th St., Jeffersonville, 812-282-0198)/Sala Thai (9114 Taylorsville Road, 493-3944)Best Vietnamese Restaurant1.    Vietnam Kitchen (5339 Mitscher Ave., 363-5154)2.    Lemongrass Café (various)3.    Café Mimosa (1216 Bardstown Road, 458-2233)Best Bakery1.    Heitzman’s Traditional Bakery (425 W. Market St., 589-4385)2.    Blue Dog Bakery (2868 Frankfort Ave., 899-9800)3.    Plehn’s Bakery (3940 Shelbyville Road, 896-4438)Best Breakfast/Brunch Spot1.    Lynn’s Paradise Café (984 Barret Ave., 583-3447)2.    Bristol Bar & Grille (various)3.    North End Café (1722 Frankfort Ave., 896-8770)Best Coffee House1.    Heine Brothers (various)2.    Highland Coffee (various)3.    Starbucks (various)Best Deli1.    Stevens & Stevens Delicatessen (1114 Bardstown Road, 584-3354)2.    Herman’s Deli (3985 Dutchmans Lane, 897-7570)3.    Karem’s Deli (314 Wallace Ave., 893-7359)Best Dessert Spot1.    Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen (2525 Bardstown Rd., 459-8184 and 3737 Lexington Rd., 893-3393)2.    Sweet Surrender (1416 Bardstown Road, 458-6363)3.    The Cheesecake Factory (5000 Shelbyville Road, 891-3933)Best Ice Cream Shop1.    Graeter’s (various)2.    Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen (2525 Bardstown Rd., 459-8184 and 3737 Lexington Rd., 893-3393)3.    Cold Stone Creamery (various)Best Seafood Restaurant1.    Mike Linnig’s (9308 Cane Run Road, 937-1235)2.    Seviche (1538 Bardstown Road, 473-8560)3.    Red Lobster (various)Best Steakhouse1.    Texas Roadhouse (various)2.    Ruth’s Chris (6100 Dutchman's Lane-Kaden Tower, 479-0026)3.    Pat’s Steakhouse (2437 Brownsboro Road, 893-2062)Best Sushi Bar1.    Sapporo Japanese Grill & Sushi (1706 Bardstown Road, 479-5550)2.    Shogun (9026 Taylorsville Road, 499-5700)3.    Maido Essential Japanese Cuisine and Sake Bar (1758 Frankfort Ave., 894-8775)Best Barbecue1.    Mark’s Feed Store (various)2.    Famous Dave’s (8605 Citadel Way, 493-2812 and 1360 Veterans Pkwy., 812-282-3283)3.    Bootleg Bar-B-Q (various)Best Burger1.    W.W. Cousins (900 Dupont Road, 897-9684)2.    Kaelin’s (1801 Newburg Road, 451-1801)3.    Genny’s Diner (2223 Frankfort Ave., 893-0923)Best Pizza1.    Wick’s Pizza Parlor & Pub (various)2.    Spinelli’s Pizzeria (614 Baxter Ave., 568-5665)3.    Papa John’s (various)Best Vegetarian Menu1.    Zen Garden (2240 Frankfort Ave., 895-9114)2.    Benedict’s Garden Café (1519 Baxter Ave., 479-7777)3.    Café 360 (1582 Bardstown Road, 473-8694)Best Wings1.    Buffalo Wild Wings (various)2.    Hooter’s (various)3.    Back Door (1250 Bardstown Road, 451-0659)Best Beer List1.    Cumberland Brews (1576 Bardstown Road, 458-8727)2.    Flanagan’s Ale House (934 Baxter Ave., 585-3700)3.    Baxter Station Bar & Grill (1201 Payne St., 584-1635)Best Happy Hour1.    Cumberland Brews (1576 Bardstown Road, 458-8727)2.    Phoenix Hill Tavern (644 Baxter Ave., 589-4957)3.    Asiatique (1767 Bardstown Road, 451-2749)Best Wine List1.    L&N Wine Bar & Bistro (1765 Mellwood Ave., 897-0070)2.    Le Relais (2817 Taylorsville Road, 451-9020)3.    The Oakroom (500 S. Fourth St. at Seelbach Hilton, 585-3200)Best Waitstaff1.    Le Relais (2817 Taylorsville Road, 451-9020)2.    Avalon (3612 Brownsboro Road, 895-5493)3.    North End Café (1722 Frankfort Ave., 896-8770)ARTS, MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENTBest Annual Festival1.    St. James Art Fair2.    WLRS Fest3.    Kentucky Derby FestivalBest Charitable Event1.    Crusade for Children2.    March of Dimes3.    Art for the AnimalsBest Film Festival1.    Last Call Film Fest2.    Baxter Independent Film Fest3.    Palace Summer Movie SeriesBest Performing Arts Group1.    Grotesque Burlesque2.    Squallis Puppeteers3.    Mystic Hips BellydanceBest Live Theatre1.    Actors Theatre of Louisville (316 W. Main St., 584-1205)2.    Derby Dinner Playhouse (525 Marriott Drive, 812-288-8281)3.    Louisville Palace (625 S. Fourth St., 583-4555)Best Art Gallery1) Speed Art Museum (2035 S. Third St., 634-2700)2) Art Sanctuary (1030 E. St. Catherine St., 724-1845)3) 21C Museum Hotel (700 W. Main St., 217-6400)/Cinderblock Gallery (931 E. Main St., Museum1.    Speed Art Museum (2035 S. Third St., 634-2700)2.    Louisville Science Center (727 W. Main St., 561-6100)3.    Muhammad Ali Center (144 N. Sixth St., 584-9254)Best Movie Theater1.    Baxter Avenue Theatres (1250 Bardstown Road, 459-2288)2.    Showcase Cinema de Lux 16 (9700 Preston Crossing Blvd., 499-6656)3.    Cinemark Tinseltown (4400 Towne Center Drive, 326-0088)Best Bowling Alley1.    Lucky Strike Lanes (Fourth St. Live, 560-1400)2.    King Pin Lanes (9525 Taylorsville Road, 267-4739)3.    Ten Pin Lanes (200 Ten Pin Lane, 896-1727)Best Gentlemen’s Club1.    PT’s Showclub (227 E. Market St., 587-7878)2.    Trixie’s (6114 Preston Hwy, 969-3393)3.    Foxy Lady (1715 Berry Blvd., 366-3273)Best Sports Bar1.    Hoops (various)2.    Buffalo Wild Wings (various)3.    Hooter’s (various)Best New Bar/Club1.    Third Street Dive (440 S. Third St., 587-0706)2.    Monkey Wrench (1025 Barret Ave., 582-2433)3.    Elmo’s (308 E. Main St., 568-9133)/The Swamp (5300 Cane Run Road, 449-0203)Best Blues Bar1.    Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar (230 E. Main St., 582-9945)2.    Zena’s Café (122 W. Main St., 584-3074)3.    Uncle Pleasant’s (2126 S. Preston St., 634-4147)Best Country Western Bar1.    Coyote’s (133 W. Liberty St., 589-3866)2.    Saddle Ridge (432 S. Fourth St., 569-3507)3.    Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium (2345 Lexington Road, 452-9531)Best Dance Club1.    Main Street Lounge (104 W. Main St., 595-6001)/Red Cheetah Fourth St. Live, 589-0695)2.    O’Malley’s Corner (133 W. Liberty St., 589-3866)3.    The Connection (130 S. Floyd St., 585-5752)Best Dive Bar1.    Third Street Dive (440 S. Third St., 587-0706)2.    Magnolia Bar (1398 S. Second St., 637-9052)3.    Outlook Inn (916 Baxter Ave., 583-4661)Best Gay/Lesbian Bar1.    The Connection (130 S. Floyd St., 585-5752)2.    Starbase Q (921 W. Main St.,    Tink’s Pub (2235 S. Preston St., 634-8180)Best Jazz Club1.    Jazz Factory (815 W. Market St., 992-3242)Best Place to Shoot Pool1.    Oliver’s Billiards (4001 Dupont Circle, 895-6990)/Barret Bar (1012 Barret Ave., 458-9640)2.    Back Door (1250 Bardstown Road, 451-0659)3.    Diamond’s Pub & Billiards (3814 Frankfort Ave., 895-7513)Best Singles Bar1.    O’Malley’s Corner (133 W. Liberty St., 589-3866)2.    Fourth St. Live3.    Willy’s (942 Baxter Ave., 583-2969)Best Place to See Local Bands1.    Headliners Music Hall (1386 Lexington Road, 584-8088)2.    Bulldog Café (10619 W. Manslick Road, 380-0600)3.    Coyote’s (133 W. Liberty St., 589-3866)/Dutch’s (3922 Shelbyville Road, 895-9004)/Gerstle’s (3801 Frankfort Ave., 899-3609)Best New Local Band1.    Echos Aim2.    Liberation Prophecy3.    Arcane SaintBest Original Band1.    Villebillies2.    Subrosa3.    Echos AimBest Local Rock Band1.    Subrosa2.    Villebillies3.    Echos AimBest Local Hip-Hop Artist/Band1.    Code Red2.    Nappy Roots3.    VillebilliesBest Local Blues Band1.    Tyrone CottonBest Local Country Western Band1.    Johnny Berry & the Outliers2.    Hog Operation3.    Chas BlakemoreBest Local Jazz Artist/Band1.    Liberation Prophecy2.    Paradigm3.    Todd HildrethBest Local Punk Band     1. Dead City Rejects     2. Schitzo     3. Alpha BettyBest Place to Take an Out of Town Guest1.    Fourth St. Live2.    Churchill Downs3.    Waterfront ParkMEDIABest Local TV Station1.    WDRB-Fox 412.     WLKY-323.    WHAS-11Best Local TV Reporter1.    Scott Reynolds2.    Eric Flack3.    Vicki DortchBest Local TV News Anchor1.    Dawne Gee2.    Barry Bernson3.    Jackie HayesBest Local Sports Anchor1.    Fred Cowgill2.    Bob Domine3.    Gary MontgomeryBest Local Meteorologist 1.    John Belski2.    Jay Cardosi3.    Tom WillsBest News Hair1.    Dawne Gee/Vicki Dortch2.    Candyce Clifft3.    James ZambroskiBest Local Radio Station1.    WFPK-91.92.    WLRS-105.13.    WTFX-93.1Best Local Morning Show 1.    Fox in the Morning2.    Bob & Tom3.    Good Morning AmericaBest Local Radio Deejay1.    Stevie Lee, 100.7-FM2.    Peter B. & Kelly K., 99.7-FM3.    Laura Shine, 91.9-FMBest Local Writer1.    Stephen George, LEO staff writer2.    Ron Whitehead, local author3.    Bob Hill, The Courier-Journal columnistBest Place to Pick up a LEO1.    Highland Coffee (various)2.    ear X-tacy (1534 Bardstown Road, 452-1799)3.    Heine Brothers/Qdoba (various)Best Local Blog1.    Bluegrass Report (    Erin Keane (    Mark Hebert ( FUN & GAMES QUESTIONSBest Place to Exceed the Speed Limit1.    Gene Snyder Freeway2.    Waterfront Park3.    River Road/Watterson ExpresswayBest Place to Have Sex in Public1.    Cherokee Park2.    Waterfront Park3.    Shawnee ParkBest Place to Make You Feel Like You Aren’t in Louisville1.    21C/Fourth St. Live (tie) (700 W. Main St., 217-6300/Fourth St.)2.    Main Street Lounge (104 W. Main St., 595-6001)3.    Mellwood Art & Entertainment Center (1860 Mellwood Ave., 895-3650)News Personality You’d Most Like to See Naked1.    Dawne Gee2.    Maureen Kyle3.    Vicki DortchBest Place to Hide a Meth Lab1.    In a gated community2.    Dumpster3.    Backstage at a Days of the New concertBest Nickname for Ernie Fletcher1.    Chevy Chase2.    Dr. No3.    Unhappy ChandlerBest Louisville Banner1.    Hunter S. Thompson2.    Secretariat 3.    Tod Browning/Lionel HamptonBest Place to Watch Thunder Over Louisville1.    Great Lawn2.    Home on TV3.    Floodwall in Clarksville, Ind.Tell Us Your Secret1.    I had sex with my friend’s mom and sister.2.    I threw my boyfriend’s cell phone out the window on the expressway … he still thinks he lost it.3.    I want to eat a horse.

Woot to Schitzo for winning

By made_man_590

Woot to Schitzo for winning second place in Best Punk Band. Way to go dudes!