Yen AM Dollar Sign

Kogan Dumb
(Self Released)

There seems to be a correlation between Louisville hip-hop and indie in that both produce melancholic, low-key melodies and narrative structures.


With a Little Help from my Fwends

Flaming Lips with various artists
(Warner Brothers)

While some of it sounds like Pink Floyd jamming in a garage while getting blacked-out drunk after a peyote binge, The Flaming Lips-led “Sgt.


Stoned to Death

Fox and the Law
(Self Released)

A kind of T-Rex-style classic glam rock seems to be the trademark of Seattle quartet Fox and the Law.


Tough Love

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware’s second album seems to have an incredible amount of pressure behind it, being the work that could launch her from rapidly growing artist to pop superstardom.


Art Official Age

(Warner Brothers)

Like David Bowie or Björk, Prince has a talent for keeping his ear to the ground and presupposing new trends, feeling out with some accuracy what might come next.


Hell Can Wait

Vince Staples
(Def Jam)

Not since the Gravediggaz has a hip-hop album seemed to give such little of a shit about religious humility.



Cher Von
(Self Released)

Any musician can relate to the dread that comes with describing your own music, especially when asked that question by people outside of your genre.


Shawn Sleeps Naked

Shawn Sleeps Naked

The word “pretension” is one to avoid, but one I struggle with here; can I think of something as silly without coming off as pretentious myself?


So It Is With Us

Horse Feathers
(Kill Rock Stars)

There is an AM radio gentleness, or maybe tameness, that imbues “So It Is With Us,” the fifth release from Portland, Ore., indie folk band Horse Feathers.


Greatest Hits, Vol. 3&4

Auzman Propaganda, Man

It’s pretty ostentatious to name what, to my knowledge, is your debut album Greatest Hits Vol. 3&4.