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Deconstructing me

It was my Gerald Ford moment. I became president of the South Carolina High School Thespian Society because the president’s parents decided to move to Wyoming.


All they need for Christmas

Dear Santa,


Ghosts of coaches past

I wasn’t sad to see Billy Gillispie go. Frankly, I would have given him a lift to the airport.


Piggish behavior all around

You say you’ve heard the story about three little pigs?

Not this one.


Not so pretty in pink

Poor November. It’s a month without a color, a month without a cause. Sure, Thanksgiving is fun, what with the Macy’s Parade, the turkey and the pie.


Internal combustion

In today’s society we live our lives out loud. Personal dramas spill out in memoirs and on reality television. Facebook shares our every feeling. “Wednesday morning.


Be afraid. Be very afraid!

“You BITCH!”

I really didn’t mean to yell. But she tricked me. It was ingenious, really.


It’s only black and white

I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened. All I know is that it used to be a whole lot easier to tell right from wrong.


An indistinct possibility

I’m sorry. I am sincerely proud of Louisville, but “Possibility City”? It’s just not true.


(Town)hallmarks of dissention

Ever watched a movie so bad you wished you had those two wasted hours back?