Book: Classics You May Have Missed

Time to revisit Tolstoy, outside the classroom

The Death of Ivan Ilyich


Book: Better luck next time, Chuck

By Chuck Palahniuk. Doubleday; 192 pgs., $24.95.



Book: ‘Dear Sound of Footstep’ tip-toes into the heart

Dear Sound of Footstep
By Ashley Butler. Sarabande Books; 128 pgs., $15.95.


Book: Dark and bloody ground

Young author’s debut brings western Kentucky to life

The Name of the Nearest River


‘Blueberry Mary’ is modern day ‘Moby Dick’

While there’s no white whale in “Blueberry Mary,” the similarities — including pure literary genius — between this book and Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick&rd


Book: Patrick Wensink is not just weird for weird’s sake

Patrick Wensink, an author who recently moved here from Portland, Ore., spent his childhood in rural Ohio mostly alone entertaining himself with his strange thoughts.


Author faces the storm

Keven McQueen examines Louisville tornado of 1890

Saturday of this week will be the anniversary of Louisville’s most violent natural disaster. On March 27, 1890, one of many tornados spat out by the 25th-deadliest storm in U.S.


Book: Pearl strikes again

This time it’s with Dickens

The Last Dickens


Book: Diary of a Godling

Divinity Rose adds author to her list of many talents

It’s not easy to pin down Divinity Rose.


Book: Carlin’s life and stuff

Last Words
By George Carlin, Tony Hendra. Free Press; 294 pgs., $26.99.