BOOK: Local author looks underground in "Back Country"

Local author R. Barker Price is back with a small-scale thriller set in motion by a coal seam that may not be what it seems.


BOOK: Louisville's historic haunts

 “Haunted Houses of Louisville,” written by Louisvillian Steve Wiser, is more historic than haunting. There’s nothing terrifying or gruesome, just a little spooky.


COMICS: Louisville artist Jay Leisten inks Wolverine's death

How do you kill a seemingly immortal mutant with a healing factor?


BOOK: Not just a novelty: Jones documents jug music

In late September, History Press issued “Louisville Jug Music: From Earl McDonald to the National Jubilee.” For fans of this music, this is something of a watershed moment: Despite more


BOOK: WKU professor and author David Bell's small-town blues

 To say that author David Bell is a dedicated writer is an understatement.


BOOK: Carl Hiaasen brings a favorite character to YA

Carl Hiaasen has several devoted audiences: readers of his Miami Herald column; the adult fans who’ve devoured three decades of satirical mystery-thrillers like “Striptease”; and


BOOK: Study in Perfect

 Sarah Gorham’s newly released collection of creative nonfiction, “Study in Perfect,” probes domestic life — her family’s move from their old Victorian home to a


BOOK: Sweet Boubon

Ah, the struggles of a book reviewer! The only way to verify a cookbook’s ability to convey recipe details is to try out at least one in the home kitchen.


Women Drumers

A History from Rock and Jazz to Blues and Country

Angela Smith has ostensibly written a book about women drummers; she has actually written a short history of American rock, jazz, blues and country.


How not to write history

First, a note: the above states that this book is nearly 300 pages, a fair number for an introductory piece about the impact and history Black women in show business made in the 20th century.