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On gop kills ky stream protections, works to erase obama legacy Most of the families and region that will be affected by this were huge supporters of [President] Trump. Sad that they are so easily swayed by his lies to help coal country. — Matt Hill

My only sympathies are for the wildlife that suffers from human ignorance and greed. —Wally Kaspars

on editor’s note: ?resistance vs. obstruction Is the question: Should we act in a manor we deplore in others? Or: Are these same actions necessary, and justified, in this instance? ... I think this isn’t an either/or proposition. The devil in all this, though, is, of course, how far do we go before we become as monstrous as those we hunt? — Chris Howard

on valentine’s day: ?supreme (court) celebration of equality It’s never a weird time to celebrate love. It should be done more often. Equality and love for all! — Jason Nardy

on ericka rucker: what unifies black, white, brown I agree with everything you wrote in your [last] column. However, I am still at a loss to comprehend why [so many] white, college-educated women voted for Trump. I know why the same demographic of men did — their heads were... well, you know where. I always think women are a bit smarter than men ... Why would they turn their backs on their first opportunity a put a women who was overwhelmingly qualified by experience and temperament in the White House vs., oh, don’t get me... — John Downard

on thorns and roses: sen. mitch mcconnell fiddling while home burns McConnell is a collaborator and a coward. — Phil Pearson

on two brits in the lou ... I can understand those who are wary of religion in public life, in view of those who profess God and Christ but actually serve Mammon, those whose real religion is capitalism no matter how much they claim it to be Christianity, or Judaism. But I’m afraid that the tendency of too many on the left to sneer at religion, and even to treat it as the root of all evil, contributed to the election of Trump. Many who would otherwise have voted for [Democrat] Hillary [Clinton], as they had voted for [Barack] Obama in ‘12, couldn’t hack the annoyance of that sneer, which no doubt contributed to the strange perception of the progressive, liberal agenda as “elitist,” while somehow labelling the regressive, reactionary agenda as “populist.” I’m afraid that we of the left may be doomed to permanent losing if we keep that curled lip and raised eyebrow against the acknowledgement of the basic religious factor in the founding and grounding of our country, and of liberalism, itself... —Stephen Harrell