Comic Reviews: The New 'Venom' Is An Important Piece Of The Marvel Universe

Dec 1, 2021 at 11:17 am
In the new "Venom," Eddie Brock has a son.
In the new "Venom," Eddie Brock has a son.

‘Venom’ No. 1

Story by Al Ewing and Ram V Art by Andrew Currie Review by Krystal Moore I’ll start this review with a disclaimer:  I am not up to date on all the Venom storylines from the past year. So, when I picked up “Venom” No. 1, it felt a little like walking into a movie 10 minutes late.

It seems Eddie Brock, who we all know as Venom, has a son, Dylan, that he never knew about. Recent events have brought Dylan and Eddie together, though, to fight some comic book foes, including serial killers, and, you know, some gods and stuff. What a family to find out you’re part of!

Now, Eddie has reached out to Dylan, who’s trying to live a “normal” life, to tell him he’s in grave danger and that he needs to leave and go to a safe place immediately.  But is Eddie too late to save Dylan? And himself?  The “Venom” storyline just took a huge turn. Don’t miss this important piece of the Marvel Universe!

‘What’s the Furthest Place From Here?’ No. 1

Art by Tyler Boss Written by Matthew Rosenberg Review by Felix Whetsel From the creative mind that brought us “4 Kids Walk Into A Bank,” comes a brand new coming-of-age post-apocalyptic story that creatively ties together the world of comics and music. 

While I could wax poetic about the world building, I haven’t quite connected the dots, and I’d hate to spoil the journey for any potential readers. What I can say is that we’re introduced to a world where children, teens and young adults have built various communities across a dystopian world, and once you become a grown-up you’re cast out. The comic is page after page of mysteries as we more or less only know what our protagonist, Sid, knows. 

Sid is the youngest member in a family called The Academy. The Academy built their lives in an old record store, and their personal identity is closely tied to picking out a record that they feel defines them. That’s where Sid is in life, when everything is turned upside down by the return of a friend they all thought was lost. Everything Sid and her friends know about the world is about to change. On top of all this, it seems Sid is pregnant — something no one else seems to understand.

Issue No. 1 left me with more questions than answers, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the next issue takes Sid.

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