Coach Denny Crum Gives Back with Class Act’s Support

Sep 24, 2019 at 9:37 am
Coach Denny Crum Gives Back with Class Act’s Support
Story by Class Act Federal Credit Union

If you’re from Louisville, Kentucky, you’ve most likely heard of Denny Crum, the Basketball Hall of Fame local legend who coached men’s basketball at the University of Louisville for 30 years. Under his leadership, the Cardinals won two national championships and made it to six final fours. After an epic, victorious career, Coach Crum continues to give back to the community through the Denny Crum Scholarship Foundation at UofL.

The scholarship foundation began in 2001 with a generous gift of $53,000. It was an effort made by a friend to honor Coach Crum and to help students afford a college education in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Since then, the Denny Crum Scholarship Foundation has awarded over $1 million to more than 425 UofL students. “I know how important that money is when you go to college. You have kids that really want to be there, but can’t afford to be there,” said Coach Crum.

Coach Crum acknowledges that it wasn’t easy getting the foundation where it is today. “It was really difficult the first 10 years.” he admitted. The foundation needed support, and Class Act Federal Credit Union was there to help. Being an education-focused credit union, Class Act values education and saving its members money. They’ve also served University of Louisville students, alumni and their families for over 20 years; therefore, it’s no surprise that when the foundation needed help, Class Act volunteered to contribute. Since 2015, they’ve been a sponsor of the Denny Crum fall events and a major contributor to the foundation.

Coach Crum’s hope is to continue his scholarship foundation in perpetuity, “We’re continuing to raise money, and hopefully as we go along we will be able to increase the amount that we give to each and every student,” he said. “We make our own history now.”  In order to achieve Coach Crum’s dream of growing his foundation to help more college students, he still needs help. Knowing this, Class Act has volunteered to sponsor the Annual Scholarship Reception. The event will take place on October 7 at 6 p.m., and will be located in Cardinal Stadium’s PNC Club.  Community members will have the opportunity to honor Coach Crum while benefiting our future leaders of tomorrow. People who are interested in attending may register at

There are multiple ways to honor Coach Crum while helping our local students. For more information on how you can help, visit or send an email to Jonathan Israel, at [email protected].

If you share Class Act’s passion for education, helping the community and saving money, drop your bank and join the movement today. To learn more about Class Act Federal Credit Union or call 502-964-7575.