Above and Beyond Class Act Federal Credit Union brings community members together

Apr 18, 2019 at 10:40 am
Above and Beyond Class Act Federal Credit Union brings community members together

As Tymna Oberhausen sat in a tiny chair in her kindergarten classroom at Lowe Elementary, her face was glowing. She looked around her classroom and said, “It’s my happy place.” Having been an educator for more than 30 years, Tymna joked that her friends often ask why she isn’t retired yet. “I don’t want to retire. I’m still having fun!” 

Tymna has always known she wanted to work with children. Initially she thought she might enjoy being a pediatrician, but growing up with a mother who was an educator inspired her to become a teacher instead. She finds making connections with children who are struggling to be especially rewarding, “Everybody has their strengths and we try to build on all of those. It’s just my favorite thing to do. I love my classroom.” Her passion is not lost on her students. Many parents express to Tymna that their children love coming to school, because they have so much fun. In fact, one parent even caught their child teaching her little brother some of the chants Tymna does with her students in the classroom.

In addition to teaching, Tymna’s mother also inspired her to join Class Act Federal Credit Union. “Growing up with her and seeing her go to Class Act Federal Credit Union – I thought it was a natural part of being a teacher,” said Tymna. As she began to talk more about Class Act Federal Credit Union, her passion was unmistakable. Tymna knew all of the employees at her local branch by name. The way she spoke about them made it sound like they were longtime friends, “I love the branches. The people there are just so nice...they're just so friendly and helpful.”

Tymna’s list of reasons why she’s continued to be a member of Class Act Federal Credit Union for more than 30 years includes convenience, supporting local business, the employees and the unique layout of the branches. If you’ve ever seen any of Class Act’s branches, you know why they are so special to Tymna. Rather than using traditional counters that create a barrier between the member and the teller, Class Act uses “pods” that allow their members to stand next to the tellers and see exactly what they’re doing on their computers. “It’s just more personal. It doesn’t feel like you have a wall between you. I feel a little more comfortable than I did before at a bank.”

After listening to Tymna, it’s clear that Class Act Federal Credit Union is more than just a financial institution – it’s a community. Rather than just being a number, members know that they matter. To find out how you can become a member of Class Act Federal Credit Union, call 502.964.7575 or visit.classact.org today!

When I came in with my hand hurt, they asked how long I’d be out of work. They reminded me I had purchased disability insurance a while back, and I was able to recover some of the money I lost due to being out of work. I don’t know many who would save you money like that.”

— James, Class Act Federal Credit Union member for 3 Years

I love the relationships I build with members. You really get to know them in depth. We know their aspirations, their latest vacation, when they will retire and see photos of their kids … Also, I love helping members build their credit, then watching them buy their first car or their first home then celebrating with them.”

— Vawanna, Branch Manager, Class Act Federal Credit Union employee for 5 Years

My favorite thing about working at Class Act is the atmosphere and the people I work with. Who you work with defines your day… We take pride in knowing what our members are doing and will do anything to make our members feel like family.”

— Jamie, Member Relations Officer, Class Act Federal Credit Union employee for 7 Years

My mom was a bus driver for JCPS and recommended I become a member. I’m now a student at UofL, so I like the proximity. I also like the youth account as it taught me how to use a checking account, and communication with Class Act has been easy.”

— Quintez, Class Act Federal Credit Union member for 3 Years