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May 25, 2016 at 10:36 am
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On Welcome NRA — Three things to know about guns in Louisville

I really don’t think the people who are shopping at the gun shows are the ones killing kids in the West End. I’m not afraid of the NRA. I’m afraid of the people in my own community. —Julie Page

What’s the deal LEO? You wrote an article basically dismissing hemp, wrote another article to tell people to forget Bernie Sanders and get behind Clinton ... and now this. I get it that you are a liberal mag, and being a Democrat, I don’t mind that, but don’t forget that most of your readers are not this far left-wing. You can do better LEO! —Ted Franke

The impact isn’t from NRA members, but continue the emotional appeal and blaming innocent people for the actions of criminals. —Jenny Mills

... Isn’t it about time we began addressing the root causes of gun violence, rather than continuing to propagandize the need to criminalize the symptoms? Lastly, when is LEO going to publish a piece about all the times lawfully-armed citizens protect themselves or others from becoming the victims of crime? —Shannon Webb

I find it interesting that while no member of their organization has ever been even charged with mass murder, and despite the fact that almost no one who owns a firearm belongs to the NRA, the NRA gets targeted for gun violence by people who evidently have no idea what they’re talking about. —Chuck Picklesimer

Pam, I saw this article in my Leo but didn’t read the byline. I am so impressed with your quiet, but impassioned writing on this subject. Thank you! —Suzanne Hurst

On Trump poster: Making America ugly again!

Go to Venezuela, you cowards. Trump 2016! —Paula Ferree

On Bernie Sanders, another viewpoint

OMG, Yarmuth-for-Hillary let you run this article? He must feel bad for all that trash-talking he did about Sanders —Shawn Blair

On two brits in the lou: guy fieri and the nra convention

I’m not even sure why Dewson is involved. —Pip Pullen

[Because] it needs someone funny. —Andrew Dewson

On shane peabody powell: best read aloud

Just letting those that care at LEO [know] that this dude, the one Shane Peabody Powell, is one of the most-entertaining writers I have ever read, rivaling Hunter Thompson. If he hasn’t penned any books, he should. —Phil Thieneman


The Hollylouya column May 18 misidentified the CN Tower in Toronto and misreported the number of the six original National Hockey League teams.