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Jan 11, 2017 at 10:06 am
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on part one: homicide in Louisville — engaging the people with guns

Kudos to these organizations to do something and help those in need. Outreach is much needed in our wonderful city, and everyone who resides here should be proud to be a part of a wonderful city! Keep up the great kindness and sincerity of reaching out to those who need a step up, not a step down!

— Deborah Kay Barnett Jump

The title of your feature series [Fighting for Peace] is an oxymoron. The yearning for a peace-filled community should not be characterized by a violent word. There is no question that the road to a harmonious world is not an easy one. Please find a better way to convey the journey toward peace that does not serve to perpetuate the message that it is a violent pursuit.

— Woody Miller

[Ed. note: Fight in this context can mean to campaign or struggle for, or against, something in a determined way.

on A GOP legislative session, oh no!

I am excited that the GOP majority will finally open up a chance for nuclear power after a 33 year ban. The Kentucky bills to allow the construction of nuclear facilities have been filed. They are SB 11 and HB 90 ... Now that the GOP controls both the State House and Senate, the chances of passage are high ... — Adam Cooper

on Transgender on the job

Nice, and thoughtful. One suggestion: In the future, rather than referencing “passing” — which implies deception, passing oneself off as something one is not, why not think and write of it in terms of blending in? People make assumptions about the gender of someone they see on the street or in a workplace. It isn’t based on an overt declaration of gender, but rather on a quick look at the way the person appears, how he or she dresses, or whether the person is wearing makeup, or their hairstyle. Those transgender individuals who blend in have experiences both in the workplace and elsewhere that may be vastly different than those who do not; this is the basis of what has been called “passing privilege” — but that term, to me, connotes self doubt and/or self loathing. We are who we are and should live our lives. And we should be grateful both for employers like Ryan Rogers who recognize that the gender expression of the employee isn’t what counts, it’s the work they do... and especially for courageous individuals like Ms. Castillo, whose example led her coworker to feel free to take off the mask and live an authentic life. — Chrissie Browde

on two brits in the lou: if there is a hell, gov. bevin will be down there with us

We’ve all seen the devil. His name was [former state House Speaker Greg] Stumbo — Samuel Landow


The Hollylouya column Jan. 4 misidentified Kurt Metzmeier, associate director law library at UofL.