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Dec 16, 2015 at 8:00 pm
Your Voice

On “It’s all gun terror” Terrorists, gangs, criminals and the mentally ill. Flows off the tongue as easily as “lions and tigers and bears,” but alter it a bit and the tongue stumbles: Terrorists, gangs, criminals and the blacks. Want a swift response? Try: Terrorists, gangs, criminals and the Jews. Ever wonder how or why we get to this “the”? It is an interesting lesson in sociology: Whom we are told to reduce to a “the,” we do. That “the” may change our willingness to apply it, does not. —Harold A. Maio, retired mental health editor

On “It’s all gun terror” Good read Aaron. It’s great that you start by pointing out the difference between responsible gun owners and “gun nuts”. Yes, owning a firearm is a right, but it is also carries a great deal of responsibility. At a minimum this responsibility includes being educated in gun safety and proper use but also in storing firearms securely, inaccessible to others, especially those not educated in gun safety. —Matthew James, Dec. 9

On “Citizens’ Climate Lobby has sights ?set on McConnell” If it’s the wrong side, Mitch is on it. —Tk Kinzel, Dec. 10

On “It’s All gun terror” Common sense is required when it comes to our current gun situation in the U.S. Some people seem to care more about guns than they do humanity. —Brooke Montgomery, Dec. 10

On “It’s All gun terror” That meeting was a scene right out of ‘One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest’. Better yet, a staff meeting at NPR, with everyone around the table, silently nodding in agreement to every loopy idea posed. —William R. Elam, Dec. 10

On “Beshear’s Outgoing Gift” Thank you for the piece you wrote about Governor Beshear restoring voting rights to convicted felons. As a high school student at duPont Manual High School, I also wanted to express some appreciation for what Governor Beshear has done for myself and my family. I have an unique family. I have two brothers and a sister that have been diagnosed with Autism. So we are what is commonly called a “special needs family.” As a result my mom, my dad and I are always looking for ways to help my brothers and sister and our overall special needs community. Governor Beshear helped us with this! He appointed my mom to the State Advisory Panel for Exceptional Children! He understood how grateful our family would be of this appointment and how much we could learn about the resources Kentucky offers for people with special needs. It has also given us a chance to help others with special needs. For these reasons I want to personally say Thank You to Governor Beshear! Thanks for helping my family! —Sydney Tucker, duPont Manual High School 9th Grader