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Oct 28, 2015 at 2:35 pm
Your voice

On “Staff Pick: ‘Parallel Perception’”

Thanks @leoweekly for the staff pick! Come see Parallel Perceptions today! —Block Party Handmade, @BlockPartyHB

On “Sex Education”

Great in-depth reporting on JCPS sex education current state & why it matters. Well worth the read!

—Downtown LouGirl, @DowntownLouGirl

On “Born Identities: A conversation with Alex Smith about Lydia Burrell and Howell Dawdy”

Yes, yes it’s true. We are the reason @HowellDawdy performs live and we are very sorry for that. —Karass, @karassmusic

On ”5 things to do in Louisville this weekend”

@leoweekly 5 of many things to do in Louisville this weekend! #keeplouisvilleweird —Weird Louisville, @weirdlouisville

on “LEO Podcast #10: Drew Curtis”

A really good interview. Thanks, LEO and Mick! And thanks to Drew Curtis! —John Robinson, Oct. 24

on “Sex education”

“Ms. Wurst learned from her years of encountering these real issues, mental health must be addressed before anything else matters” Mary was the first teacher to invite me into her class room to talk to students about suicide prevention. From the survey of students, 1 of every 10 have a sucide plan. She is saving lives and other health ed teachers are now doing the same. Keep leading Mary. —Stephen Ulrich, Oct. 24

on “Sex education”

It’s wonderful that this teacher at Butler is doing this, I just wish sex education was taught like this throughout the whole JCPS system. —Staci Vaughan, Oct. 24


LEO’s October 21 feature article, “Sex Education,” misidentified the Butler High School mascot as the bulldog rather than the bear. We sincerely apologize to the Butler Bears and all of our readers.