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Sep 23, 2015 at 2:26 pm
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This woman needs as much exposure as possible. One of my favorite local artists. Share her work. Share her shows. Share her press. And buy her art/books/pins!!!                 —Ryan Case, Sept. 17

on “Wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”

Nailed it. Especially the Reagan part. Sick of hearing about Saint Ronnie. The one who couldn’t even say AIDS while a nightmare disease was spreading like wildfire through our community. Several signs I saw at pro Kim Davis rallies celebrated AIDS as punishment for being gay. We haven’t changed so much. —Timothy Love, Sept. 17

On “Why UofL Is Becoming a Bad Place to Work”

@leoweekly @DrRickyLJones So true!!!! My parents both worked there over 40 years. Not going to say much but yeah...


on “Why UofL is becoming a bad place to work”

I know, as a staff member at the university for 28 years I feel greatly unappreciated and underpaid. [...] And I think it’s a disgrace that the university president makes over a million dollars when most of the staff are working two and three jobs just to pay bills.

— Julie Oechsli, Sept. 17

on “Why UofL is becoming a bad place to work”

I’m surprised it took this long to trickle up to the faculty. Before I left UofL three years ago, the environment had already become toxic among many staff around campus. Unfilled positions creating unbearable work loads for everyone else, distrust among supervisors and directors, performance expectations untethered from reality, vastly unequal pay structures, shady bonuses and promotions unadvertised and unmerited ... The list goes on and on. Apparently faculty were fairly well insulated from this until now. You give far too much credit to the administration, and you should care about what Ramsey gets paid. It may be typical in this day and age, but UofL is not a private corporation. There is a public trust being exploited and abused and that creates a toxic enviornment. —Joe Dunman, Sept. 17

On “Why UofL is becoming a bad place to work”

This is all so true. I just left the university because I, as a staff member, no longer felt appreciated, respected or supported.

—Michael Neumann, Sept. 17

Dear Editorial DepartmentI loved it when Dr. James Ramsey of UofL spoke at a meeting and announced how he thought the state — i.e. the taxpayers — should up the amount of money it supplies his school every year. He neglected to mention the fact that UofL ups their tuition 8 or 10 percent year-in-and-year-out, nor did he mention the fact that members of his own staff are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, that the sports department is paying the coaching staffs millions, nor the fact that beside his own enormous yearly salary he is also getting a free house and a free car. Oh, but the best was when he stated that by saying he wanted more he wasn’t simply being “politically correct.” I had to laugh out loud then. When has UofL not been “politically correct?” Then he started talking about the “LGBT community.” Please!                                               —Robert Zoeller, Sept. 17


“Politics and the state teachers’ retirement fund”: The state’s credit rating was downgraded from an “AA-” to an “A+,” not an “A+” to an “AA-” as previously reported.

“Photo Biennial 2015”: Nori Hall’s photo ‘Day for Night’ is being exhibited at Actors Theatre’s Gallery, not The Green Building Gallery as previously reported.