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Oct 5, 2016 at 10:45 am
Your Voice

on erica rucker: the role of a safe negro

No one will understand what you have written about, unless they have walked in your shoes or witnesses this first hand. Thank you for sharing your experience ... — Gemma Fetalver

I recognize you as a racist, as someone with a giant chip on your shoulder, as someone who wears victimhood on her sleeve, and a presumptuous person who attempts to speak for all black Americans. Now, go into the kitchen and make me a rubber band sandwich. And make it snappy! — Arnold Stimson

Arnold, I think someone of your ilk would live a better life by shutting the fuck up and listening. Erica and I have had our difference of opinion, but I back what she is saying here 100 percent. Black Americans are not treated the same as their white peers. It is a fact with so much proof that anyone in denial is doing so to keep the status quo. If a Black writer wants to use their voice to appeal for help, who are you to accuse them of playing victim? How many miles have you walked in black skin? ... — Jaymes Stanley Fowler

on shane peabody powell: Curly, the boss’ son

After reading Shane Peabody Powell’s very slanted, anti-police diatribe, it occurred to me that Erica Rucker isn’t the only ill-informed, clueless cunt writing for LEO. — Detective Dale Rhoades, (retired), Louisville Police Department

on Bryan Puckett: founder of Little Heart Records passes away at 35

He was the best of us. I will miss him dearly. — Matthew Gotth Olsen

on holly houston: Norton Commons and the importance of diversity

I guess we can’t all be so cool as to be über liberal and live in The Highlands ... No, contrary to how Ms. Houston wants to portray Norton Commons, we are not all rich, white snobs who don’t want affordable housing. The majority of us are in favor of the project and are actually forming a committee to have our voices heard. My husband and I looked at The Highlands for almost two years and couldn’t find a place that was feasible for our retirement years. So we chose Norton Commons ...        — Pam Ilnick Gersh

on MARSHA LYNCH: Sick days needed in the food service industry

The sad reality is, the situation is even worse in corporate-run restaurants that guilt employees into coming in sick, even if they have a fever. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten sick over the years because of a management-led policy to harass people to come in when sick, which leads other sick employees and sick managers to get me and everyone else sick. It defies all logic and common sense ...       — Austin Weber