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Nov 18, 2015 at 3:14 pm
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Well written. I’ve been involved in the fight for the new VA hospital for a decade. Most causing the delay say they are concerned with the veterans. Hog wash! Politics and personal interest are poisoning this at the expense of the veterans.

—Bob Moore, Nov. 12

on “‘Kynect’ the dots, Bevin”

There seems to be a lot of confusion about healthcare reform creating handouts while the old system forced people to stand on their own two feet. Reality is we had the worst kind of public health care, called the emergency room. By law, no hospital could refuse service to anyone because they didn’t have insurance, including illegal immigrants. This bankrupted hospitals and created outrageous ER copays as the insured had to recoup money not paid by noninsured. The new system gets the poor to cheaper doctors for preventive care so they can avoid ER visits and keep from unnecessarily getting diseases like diabetes and cancer that are expensive to treat. Remember, when someone on welfare gets those conditions, the taxpayers cover the cost. This is why the USA had been spending more on healthcare as a share of the national budget than countries with nationalized healthcare! This issue reminds me of the “free clean needles for drug users” debate. There’s outrage when taxpayers fund clean needles but the fact is the 100 who got HIV from dirty needles in Indiana can now get on SS disability and taxpayers will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat their illness that $50 of clean needles would have prevented. Seems like too many Baby Boomers who grew up watching John Wayne movies have too big of egos to prefer the much cheaper option because they think everyone should stand on their own two feet. We need to focus on harm reduction rather than viewing success by the number of drug addicts jailed or moochers kicked off welfare.

—Jeffrey B Morris, Nov. 12

on “The mandate to vote”

Absolutely not. Non-voting is participation. It’s an indicator that you are fed up with the system, and that a politician who doesn’t represent you doesn’t get your vote. That’s how it was meant to work. The reason our democracy worked so well in the past is that politicians earned votes. They weren’t simply the lesser of two or more evils. Non-voting should be encouraged if there isn’t a candidate that you don’t believe in and levels of non-voting should be noted by the media. —Ryan Auton, Nov. 12

Revisiting the Past

It’s funny how projects I did for @leoweekly when I was 19 start inspiring you again. @sgeorge @saritakelley @TheBarBelle.

— Spencer @Helveticaboldd

On the Ark Museum

Please run either an editorial and or a cartoon on what the sounds, smells and sights around Noah’s Ark must have been like. If this is to be a re-creation, the ship should have a mural panted on the side of desperate people scratching and clawing up the side of the boat. Adam and his family would be shoving those who made it to the top back into the water. The sounds of desperate screaming over the loudspeakers would be appropriate. I am sure the museum will be surrounded by water with the bloated bodies of sinners floating. Finally, let’s not overlook that 40 days of rotting animal and human flesh must have smelled awful! And please no beautiful landscape around the park. We all have seen what flooding does to vegetation.

—Richard Roush, Nov. 15

on “‘Prevailing Winds’ mandatory for all who live and breathe in Louisville”

Prevailing Winds is an excellent play and awesome message to be consumed by all who live, work and play in Louisville. You are entertained, you are educated, you laugh, you sympathize, you are encouaged to do something to protect our air and environment. —Donovan Taylor, Nov. 11

on “‘Kynect’ the dots, Bevin”

Kentucky Democrats woefully missed the boat on the ACA when the Republicans gave it the pejorative term“Obamacare.” Given the state’s antipathy for Obama, Kentucky Democrats should have taken a lesson from history. Benjamin Franklin referred to the publically supported hospital in Philadelphia as the Good Samaritan. It’s logo is a picture of the Good Samaritan. In promoting the ACA, Kentucky Democrats should have referred to it as Good Samaritan Care since it reflects the ethics, morals and values of Jesus in the Good Samaritan parable as well as his other teachings on healing. But, as Congressman John Yarmuth told me, Obama would have nothing to do with calling it Good Samaritan Care. Kentucky Democrats should have told Obama that we are going to refer to the ACA as Good Samaritan Care. The religious right would be livid about that and would make all kinds of bogus arguments trying to discredit the term. But that would have put them in the position of arguing against Jesus and rejecting his teachings on healing. Kentucky Democrats have no one but themselves to blame for the overwhelming loss they took. —David Dunn, Nov. 11