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Jan 18, 2017 at 10:17 am
Your Voice

on goodbye 2106, hello 2017

Thanks for the fun “Goodbye 2016...” article; loved the [Sarah Lynn] Cunningham, [Chris] Hartman and [Marc] Murphy segments best, but they were all good. And thanks so much for “Snakes in the Bluegrass” — all the sleeze-ball addresses! I will certainly use them. Hang in there. [Donald] Trump is bad-mouthing any written material which doesn’t say he’s God’s gift. And he talks about others using Nazi tactics (!)  —Patricia W. Oliver

on editor’s note: a future of hillbillies and chaos

Spot-on editorial. Jesus is now running our state government. — Garfield Nelson

...I align with some of the agenda of the currently elected Commonwealth legislative majority and oppose others. Prevailing wage and right to work are legitimate conservative agenda items. LEO may want to reflect on the benefit of attempting to advance political agendas by using a derogatory term for rural Kentuckians. If nothing else it sounds a little elitist. On the other hand I love the fact that LEO throws political correctness out the window. #2016LessonsLearned — Jeb Duke

Your promise of attracting new business to the Commonwealth will not only fail but be regressive if you pass a “Restroom Bill”! Hello! Does anybody remember what happened to North Carolina... lost concert appearances, lost NCAA tournaments, etc! And this, in the face of an assessment of the financial of the Yum! Center’s abilities to make debt payments, raising the questions of the viability of the project to start with. — Marty Carrico

on snakes in the bluegrass

Thank you for this article. I have forward it to many friends and family members. We will definitely remember it for the next elections. Individuals like this need to be exposed and removed from office.                       — Katy Bain

Sickening that these old bastards are so worried about women’s vaginas. Must be all they think about.                                                   — Eldoese Craven

on ask minda honey: 2017 Relationship Resolutions

Awesome, will be put advice into action! — Linda Kessinger Rose

on leo-verse: uterus and unions

Timely and fun! — Bethany Williams

leo’s Call for resisters

We are compiling a list of ways for people to get involved in resisting the Republican onslaughts in Frankfort and Washington. Send to [email protected] the name of your group, activity or event, specifically what you are fighting, how and why, contact information, times, places and anything else relevant.