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Dec 7, 2016 at 10:22 am
Your Voice

on editor’s note: gli, get lost immediately And I thought GLI was short for Giving Louisville to Indiana. ? — Chip Sobel

Why waste money planting trees when billions of dollars have just been spent paving downtown — heatwave city and visually hideous! The best way to have prevented urban heat would have been to 86 64, but our leaders blew it! ... — Amy Parker

on Stepping toward happiness: Inside the self-quantification club Ponder the prospect of hitting an art museum efficiently, by the numbers. Van Gogh’s self-portrait is worth exactly 92 seconds, Modigliani, 42. And what would efficient lovemaking look like? How much time is appreciating the sunset worth? ... It is possible to appreciate the value of counting some things. I personally believe in macro and calorie counting for optimal health, at least most of the time. But understand that compulsions come in many forms, all of them unhealthy on some level. It is not that physical health is bad, obviously, but that the underlying lack of choice, lack of behavioral flexibility, is leaving large bits of what matters most in life untouched and unseen. — Barry Cooper

on Pantsuit nation, ‘it’s not a Hillary fan club’ Just a point of clarification: Pantsuit Nation is not even remotely just for women. People of all genders have an interest in this community. — ServeCreatively

No Agent Orange aid for Blue Water Navy It has been a constant battle, and my husband’s ship was docked in Da Nang: The USS Mason. And I have to prove that he went ashore. In other words, that he went off the ship. I’ve been on hold with this claim for seven years. My husband passed away in 2009. — Wannetta Hamner

on Industry standard: your number is up This article gave me a good laugh. I work as a food runner at a pricey, but not traditionally haute-cuisine restaurant. I love the confusion on guests’ faces as I silently bounce from seat three, to five, then eight. But you neglected to mention guests who are surprised by their dishes, e.g., after I set the plate down and say the fancy menu name. “Umm, I actually got the chicken dish...” “Of course, sir, this is the chicken (followed by a quick recitation of the ingredient set to assure them that I’m not just screwing with them).” It’s always a fun bonus when a guest asks, “So... how do I eat this?” Please keep up the good industry humor. — Seth Dorian

Wrong — not wrong The Editor’s Note on Nov. 30 misreported Greater Louisville Inc.’s relationship with Louisville Metro. The city ended a contract with GLI in 2014 when Mayor Greg Fischer decided to use the nearly $1 million to create Louisville Forward. That does not change our opinion, however, about GLI’s anti-science stance on the impact of climate change on Louisville and its opposition to a tree ordinance that would help lessen the urban heat-island effect here.