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Jan 20, 2016 at 3:45 pm
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ON “Bulleit Experience At Stitzel Weller with leo”

Excited we got a late night tour of the awesome Bulleit Bourbon Distillery filled with live music, free cocktails, and tastings. #kentuckybourbon #urbanbourbontrail

—Ashley Presnell, @ashpresnell

On “President Obama’s State of the Union”

While President Obama laid out an inspiring vision for America’s future in his State of the Union address, his initiatives alone will not be enough. To preserve a livable world, Congress must also enact a revenue-neutral fee on carbon. Ethan Smith’s recent, excellent article about Citizens’ Climate Lobby in LEO, Dec 9, outlines a proposal for a progressive fee on fossil fuels with the revenue returning to American households. This is a plan that is fair, transparent, efficient and cost-effective. It is becoming increasingly clear that carbon pricing is needed to mitigate climate change and reach the emissions target set at the Paris Conference. So why not advocate a plan that will work to this end while helping the economy (money back to the people), improving health (lowering emissions), and creating jobs? This is an area where the President cannot act alone. It’s his legacy he is thinking of, but it’s also our legacy, and it’s Congress’s legacy. Join with Citizens’ Climate Lobby to persuade our congressional leaders that the carbon fee and dividend is needed to address the problem.

—Dr. Jean Christensen, Jan. 13